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Treat your favorite feline to some new and creatively fun DIY cat toys that are sure to be a hit. Check out the homemade cat toy ideas in this list for inspiration and make one today!

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Our cats are our furry friends… our constant (and sometimes fickle) companions. Who wouldn’t want to spoil their favorite feline with some fun toys or yummy cat treats now and then?

After all, for most, pets are like family and you give gifts to family members, right? Instead of going to the store or ordering an expensive toy online, you can make some fun and frugal DIY cat toys right from the comfort of your home!

No need to be super crafty. You’ll find lots of easy homemade cat toy ideas here that you can make TODAY to have your cat playing in no time.

15 Easy-To-Make DIY Cat Toys Your Kitty Is Going To LOVE!

If you’re wondering how to make cat toys, wonder no more! All the homemade toys on this list are easy enough to make that you can make them whether you are crafty or not.

Use Wine Corks | Sweet T Makes Three

I hope you’re saving your wine corks! In addition to these fun wine cork crafts, you can make some adorable wine cork kitty toys for your furry friend.

Just insert some feathers, ribbon, jute, or anything else that will attract your kitty.

cork and feather cat toys

Cute Scratching Post | Cuteness

No cat owner’s home is complete without a scratching post, but have you noticed how ugly some of those things are? Yikes!

This ombre scratching post is pretty, pink, and will look fabulous in any room.

cat playing with DIY ombre scratching post

DIY With Empty Paper Towel Rolls | The Samantha Show

I don’t know about your cat, but our cat, Rosie, will make a toy out of just about anything.

She goes crazy for these cardboard tube cat toys made with pom poms and straws!

cat playing with homemade cat toy

DIY Treat-Filled Mouse | Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

In fact, we recently made her a tp roll cat toy filled with some of her favorite treats.

Just make sure you leave one end open enough for the treats to fall out while your kitty whacks the toy around. We mistakenly closed off both ends too tightly, and she got a little frustrated! Whoops.

stuffed mouse-shaped feline toy

DIY Cat Tent | Dear Crissy

Every cat needs a place to hide — a little sanctuary to get away in when the house becomes too busy. A t-shirt cat tent is just the ticket! Simply make it with wire clothes hangers (to shape the tent) and an old t-shirt.

kitty standing next to a DIY t-shirt cat tent

Knotted T-Shirt DIY Cat Toy | Muslin & Merlot

Speaking of old shirts, what cat wouldn’t love smacking these knotted t-shirt cat toys around? They’re a hit…and a great way to reuse fabric scraps.

knotted t-shirt feline toys

Felt Mouse Toy | Lia Griffith

If you’re not afraid of a little sewing, these felt mouse toys are darling. Since they are toys that are sewn together, you can add some catnip inside to make your cat really go wild for her new toy.

DIY stuffed mouse-shaped toys

Natural Cat Toys | Prodigal Pieces

This clever cat owner created paper mache kitty toys out of hollow papier mache shapes, catnip, and twisted paper. I cannot get over how cute they look.

cat next to a basket filled with cat toys

No Sew Homemade Cat Toys | Southern Mom Loves

Make no-sew (and no-glue!) goldfish toys for your kitty. Even if you aren’t super crafty, these projects are so easy you can absolutely make them yourself!

Make them for your kitty…or make them as great gifts for the cat lady in your life.

bright yellow homemade cat toys

PomPom Cat Wand | Think Make Share

If you have a kitty that likes to chase and pounce rather than swat and toss, I recommend making a cat wand.

If you know how to make pom poms, you can make one of these pom-pom cat wands in a pinch. Your kitty will be thrilled with the chance to leap and pounce on it.

kitty pom-pom wand toy

Another PomPom Idea | Popsugar

Some kitties love feathers. Some love toys that make noises. And some cats love pom-poms toys!

If the idea of making a pom-pom toy confounds you, here’s a great tutorial on how to make easy pom-pom cat toys for your sweet kitty.

3 pom-pom cat toys

DIY Feather Kitty Toy | Martha Stewart

Some kitties may prefer pom-poms, but there are definitely a lot of cats that love feathers – especially feathers and bells. The cool thing is that you don’t need actual bird feathers to make these adorable cat toys.

Cut wool felt, add a tinkly bell, and a string, and you can have one of these pretty feather cat toys in just minutes.

feline feather and bell toys

Ribbon Cat Wand | Love Pets DIY

A ribbon cat wand never disappoints!

Add some bells for extra noise, and bunch the ribbons by tying them together with some twine. Attach to a stick, and you’re good to go for some cat gaming fun.

Cat ribbon wand

DIY Cat Puzzle | Handimania

Does your kitty get bored during the day? Transform a Tupperware container into a brain exercise for your cat!

This DIY cat puzzle will be lots of fun for inquisitive felines. No more bored kitty!

cat playing with DIY Tupperware cat puzzle

Fortune Cookie DIY Cat Toys | Dandelions and Lace

Want to make a gift for every cat you know? You know you do…

Try these fortune cookie cat toys. They make wonderful presents, and people will appreciate that you’ve thought of their cats during the holidays.

You could also make a dozen or so in almost no time to donate to your local shelter.

pile of multi-colored fortune cookie shaped cat toys

While it might be easier to buy a pre-made toy from the pet store, odds are your cat won’t really play with it much.

Instead of asking yourself why you wasted your money, direct that mental energy toward making a DIY cat toy for your feline with stuff you already have.

You can customize the homemade cat toy for your kitty’s needs, which is perfect since you know him/her better than any pet store ever could. And, you’ll probably have a little fun embracing your crafty side!

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