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The future is here. Just think about the movies you watched 20 years ago and how you wondered whether the gadgets show there would ever become a reality. And then take a look at our world today. Landline phones are already a thing of the past while smartphones help us with hundreds of things, phone calls being just one of them.

Of course the old visions of future have become a reality in a number of other areas of our life. No wonder then that designers do their best to make even very down-to-earth items look and work in the most functional and at the same time trendy way. The collection below contains some of the most interesting designs that are bound to steal your heart. Even the most basic things can make our lives at least slightly easier. Just take a look at these simple yet very resourceful examples we have chosen.

#1 A mug that protects your mustache while you are drinking

#2 A collapsible cup made of recycled plastic. Not only can it be used many times, but it’s also got a straw!

#3 A plane with rainbow illumination to make you feel you are in a futuristic movie

#4 This short comes with a piece of cloth to wipe your glasses

#5 These pieces of paper were laser-trimmed to create an image of a garden and a temple, giving you the Zen-like mood

#6 This package shows you the person who hand-packed it

#7 Such a simple thing and yet so practical. Wearing this mask you let the cabin crew know that you don’t want to miss the meals

#8 With this box you will never forget when was the last time you took your medication

#9 This gadget will inform you whether your parcel has been handled properly in right conditions

#10 This umbrella will only give away its secret pattern when it rains

#11 With a sink like this you get enough space for both hands and at the same time the water won’t splash too much all over your kitchen

#12 This set allows you to use the screws and other pieces step by step, following the assembly instructions. It’s really going to be much easier!

#13 Octopus-shaped puzzles make up… an octopus!

#14 Would you spot the Simpsons if I didn’t tell you they are there on the bike?

#15 A bowl that shows a temple once filled with soup

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