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If you’re ready to check your eye for detail and practice your lateral thinking skills, these riddles are just what you need! Most people think using a standard thinking pattern, and this makes it difficult for them to see any other solution other than the obvious one. These puzzles will test your ability to think differently.

Some brain-teasers might seem hard at first, but their mind-sharpening benefits are worth all the effort! Are you ready to give the following riddles a try? Then let’s check how developed your lateral thinking is!

A Menacing House 0:27
Philosophy Student’s Conundrum 1:39
A Lake Island 2:31
Twins but Not Twins? 3:08
Life Is Unfair 3:49
Ann's Bizarre Food Preferences 4:22
A Creepy Well 4:56
An Unfriendly Shop Owner 5:56
Penny Riddle 6:51
A Dangerous Fall 7:14
The Power of Prediction 7:44
A Fellow Traveler 8:13
An Unlucky Skydiver 9:16
Tricky Math 10:11
A Magic Ball 10:31
A Tough Choice 11:00
Dangerous Escape 11:36

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