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Alison was born in the UK where she would develop a great love for the outdoors and start working as an instructor with Outward Bound. She would later move to the USA in search of better weather and more outdoor opportunities. Here she met her husband Andy, with whom she spent many years in Colorado and Idaho continuing her work with Outward Bound. The two of them had a very minimalistic approach to life which enabled them to both spend as much time as possible doing what they loved together: rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and kayaking.
When Alison later decided that she wanted to have children she moved to fast track herself into a more stable career. She started medical school and would move to Pocatello Idaho to finish her residency. She was doing this all while breastfeeding the first of her three children. The eventual family of five would spend 8 years living in Pocatello before ultimately deciding to move to Canada.
Alison moved to Comox in the summer of 2006. They chose the valley for its quick access to the ocean for sailing and sea kayaking, and the mountains for hiking and cross-country skiing. She quickly got her family involved in the Strathcona Nordics Ski Club and the Comox Bay Sailing Club. Ali was a keen skier and sailor and spent many hours organizing events, programmes, and races for both clubs, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on each.
Throughout Alison’s life her strength, intelligence, determination, kindness, and positivity enabled her to live exactly as she chose, on entirely her own terms. This was never more apparent than when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014. Though her treatment had complications that drastically affected the way that she lived her life Ali was always able to find joy in the little things. Whether it was a glass of beer or a puzzle Alison was enjoying, she was every bit as happy as she was in the mountains or on the ocean.
We, her children, would like to dearly thank every one of Alison’s friends who gave her and her family so much support towards the end of her life. We also wish to express a huge gratitude to her husband Andy Brown who supported her with unrivalled patience, kindness, and compassion for many years. But ultimately, we thank Alison for dealing with all the struggles she met with grace, positivity, humor, and dignity.
We all love you mum.