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If we're being honest, the main reason why we were so hyped about this game is that it was developed by a Colombian studio. We knew nothing about the story other than it all looked gorgeous according to the trailers... so we were boomed to discover that the Switch version was blocking us from taking screenshots or capturing video.

Look, but Don't Touch, Switch Users

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We don't know the exact details behind this decision, but yeah, the built-in functions allowing you to take screenshots or record short clips with your Switch are disabled for this game. Right after launching the game, we were captivated by the incredibly beautiful intro animation, which really looks straight out of a high-quality anime. That's when we first tried to take a screenshot of the protagonists. Maybe screenshots are not available during the cutscenes, for whatever reason? Okay, now let's try again while exploring this mesmerizing place... uh-oh, blocked still?! Of course, you could still capture images and video using third-party software, but that's not the point. If all other platforms are okay with it, why can't we just take some screenshots in the Switch version of Cris Tales? Maybe you have dozens of good reasons, but it still feels odd nonetheless.

A Must-Play Indie RPG

Okay, but what is Cris Tales about, and is this indie title worth it? Starring a young girl living in an orphanage who happens to be a time mage, Cris Tales is a love letter to Japanese role-playing. The best part about Cris Tales—other than its lovely graphics—has to be its story and characters, really. It all starts when Crisbell meets a talking yellow frog with a top hat, and from there, you know everything could happen. While Cris Tales makes an effort to let you know it's a fantastical adventure full of surreal characters and situations, it's hard to ignore how real some elements actually feel, like capitalism threatening a small town, for example. This has been happening for a long time, and exploitation is not a new premise in video games or other media. However, the fact that people from Latin America are behind it gives it all a fresh, new perspective. And still, Cris Tales is not even close to being a cheap excuse for propaganda. We're talking of a well-made role-playing game here, with a charming soundtrack, lovely character design, turn-based battles involving time travel as a new strategic layer, and more.

It Still Needs Some Fixes...

Sadly, Cris Tales suffers from the lack of some features that have become the new normal, like auto-saving. Also, it presents some of the worst aspects of any JRPG. Expect some grinding (lots of random encounters), unchallenging puzzles, and weirdly difficult battles followed by others that are too easy, for example.

Final Thoughts

In our humble opinion, Cris Tales is one of the best indie games of the year, so don't hesitate if you have the chance to get a copy of it. Cris Tales is currently available on the Nintendo Switch. If you love to take screenshots, however, do yourself a favor and get it on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S.

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