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By Donaji Garcia

Dear Freedom,

Document your fragrance and mention my polytheistic tongue.
Oh my long lost friend, whom I have not spoken to because you betrayed me fully, and
Without knowing the consequences of your actions.
You come in the form of butterflies, crisp with energy eloping the conquered
Fire breathing through lanterns of prayers dancing the raven sweaters of linking arms
Cupped with courses of beauty in manacles giving its last show and tell
Gripped my innocence apart into this puzzle of time that quickly gathers its migration
With miles and miles distant I feel yet anguish at her sudden skin with bathing tattoos
Forgetting the tone of her skin or the person who she was before.
I have a love and hate relationship with you.
You give to some granted access to your body and life when others just wait and wait.
Until we stop and know you are not coming back.
Even though you know we are there, you just leave us there at the sight of pain
Reciting verses of the Bible hoping that my own family comes back to wherever she is
You have impersonated countless beings which is in your favor because I could never
look into your blue sapphire eyes again.
I declare that I fell in love with you once upon a distance
When I was secretly admiring you, yet I didn’t know what you did to the melody
Of sonnets and phrases both sacrificed in blood and life
Ancestors mentioned in textbooks and not her own mouth of tips and happiness

Blended with hormones and therapy sessions
Thanks to you.
I have yet to figure out why you did this: out of all the nurturing I gave you…
You pay me with these fallen dreamcatchers.
We spoke our secrets and wore matching bff bracelets
Ate chocolate chip ice cream accompanied with action movies
As we shared the same blanket of dismissing wonder.
And now…
Reality came as the roaring train without halting…
To tickle the clock…
As the newborn faith has yet to place her soul on my door.
Ringing the bell, reminding me that my past is chasing me
That the years are not passed in vain.
Don’t feel bad, I forgive you.
I do.
I was locked and you let me out.
Breathing fresh air filled with the aroma of earth.
And soon enough, you will give her your bond as well.
Care for her as much as you did for me.
I just wish for her to fit into a category: family.
To be in those lines placed in that folder of my brain
Eternally, sentimentally ours.
To love and to share with the rest of my existence.
And for the butterfly to be transformed into a Statue of Liberty
Awaiting for others to see her
And know that Freedom really exists.


Your Friend Who Cares


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