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Deborah Ann Woll began her career with a string of supporting roles before she finally landed the role of Jessica Hamby in the HBO vampire drama True Blood. The role thrust her into the circle of Hollywood's elite and she has never looked back ever since.

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Apart from acting, Woll is a champion for disease eradication. She has helped raise awareness for choroideremia, a condition which her husband has. She has also confessed to being a big fan of the Dungeons & Dragons video game. Here are her best movie and TV roles, according to IMDb.

10 Movie: The Automatic Hate (6.3)

In The Automatic Hate, a chef from Boston named Davis Green (Joseph Cross) has a fight with his girlfriend Cassie (Deborah Ann Woll) and decides to go to the bar. After leaving, a beautiful woman named Alexis follows him and informs him that she is his cousin, Davis denies it since he has always known that his father was an only child.

He soon discovers that Alexis is telling the truth and there is a side of his family he has never known. He also makes the journey to rural, upstate New York to get to know his other cousins. Together with Alexis, they discover a bizarre secret that led to a feud between their fathers.

9 TV Show: True Blood (7.9)

In the series that is often thought of as the best in its niche, a blood product named “Tru Blood” has made vampires come back from the dead and live openly. They demand equal rights but the anti-vampire organizations stand in their way. True Blood ran for seven seasons and received several award nominations.

Deborah Ann Woll plays Jessica, a young vampire who is made by another vampire named Bill as his form of punishment for killing a fellow vampire. Jessica often enjoys the perks of being a vampire but her stubbornness often irks Bill

8 Movie: Silver Lake (6.3)

Silver Lake saw Deborah teaming up with Silicon Valley star Martin Starr to play and odd couple. In the movie,  Nathan (Starr) is a writer who has to learn how to deal with various people in his life including his girlfriend Mary (Deborah) and her children as well as his highly successful mentor.

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The movie is set in the Los Angeles Silver Lake neighborhood. Much praise was given to the two main cast members for their dedicated portrayal of their characters. The movie's themes of tolerance and personal growth were also lauded by critics.

7 TV Show: The Mentalist (8.1)

The series follows former a psychic named Patrick Jane who is a key consultant at the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. Patrick has unique observational skills that enable him to read peoples' minds and solve crimes.

Deborah made her first appearance on the show in Season 1, Episode 10 titled "Red, Brick, and Ivy." She plays a teaching assistant named Kerry Sheehan who gets murdered by a university chancellor. The chancellor then makes it look like a suicide.

6 Movie: Mother's Day (6.3)

Mother's Day was Deborah's second-ever feature film. The movie revolves around three brothers who attempt to rob a bank and fail. They flee to their mother's house to hide but upon reaching, they discover that their mother lost the house due to foreclosure.

Desperate, the brothers decide to hold the new house owners, hostage, together with their guests. Their mother soon joins them and attempts to take control of the situation and make sure nothing goes south. Deborah plays Lydia, a sister to brothers who happens to be very close to one of them.

5 TV Show: Life (8.3)

The NBC series revolves around Detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), who gets an early release from Pelican Bay State Prison after serving 12 years. This is thanks to his lawyer who manages to convince the judge that his client was wrongfully convicted of three murders.

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Charlie sues the city of Los Angeles and wins. As a result, he is reinstated to the LAPD and given $50 million as compensation. He thus goes after those who framed him. Deborah Ann Woll plays a police officer named Nancy Wiscinski.

4 Movie: Escape Room (6.4)

In the psychological horror Escape Room, follows six strangers who are invited to play a game with a $10,000 prize. The game has a series of puzzles that they should solve. Despite the fact that the game was presented as a fun activity at the beginning, they discover that death looms if they don't solve the puzzles.

Deborah Ann Woll plays Amanda, a war veteran who fought in Iraq. She meets her death when the remaining five players enter a billiards bar that's upside down. The room has an 8 ball as the key to the puzzle and Amanda manages to get it but unfortunately, she falls to her death.

3 TV Show: The Punisher (8.5)

The Marvel series is basically a remake of the 1980s film. The series follows skilled Marine Veteran Frank Castle who becomes a vigilante whose goal is to punish evil-doers. Frank gets this motivation after his family gets brutally murdered.

Deborah plays Karen Page, the woman who fell in love with Matt Murdock (Daredevil) after he represented her in court. As a journalist for the New York Tribune, she begins investigating Castle's murders. She soon discovers that there are influential people who want to cover up the information about Castle's family and only portray him as a mindless killer.

2 Movie: Ruby Sparks (7.2)

Ruby Sparks follows a young novelist named Calvin whose first book was a hit but he's now struggling to replicate the success. His love life isn't so good either. He goes on to create a fictional character called Ruby and to his surprise, he meets Ruby in real life.

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Deborah plays Calvin's ex-girlfriend named Lila. She is an author too and she is said to have broken up with him before the events of the movie. The character Ruby is played by the movie's screenwriter Zoe Kazan. Ruby Sparks only had a limited release in theaters but it was widely praised by critics.

1 TV Show: Daredevil (8.6)

Daredevil was the first Marvel TV show to stream on Netflix. Despite being well-received by both fans and critics it was canceled along with other Marvel TV shows. There is still hope that Disney will continue the show on its own streaming platform Disney+ in the near future.

The series follows Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who doubles as a vigilante by night. Sounds familiar? It does, but don't think about it too hard. Batman hasn't shown any intentions of suing. In the series, Deborah Ann Woll also plays Karen Page.

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