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The main division between spaces inside a home is done through solid walls but sometimes that’s not enough to properly organize all the different zones inside a space. That’s where room dividers come in handy. The term is actually quite general and refers to more than just the classic three-panel screens we’re used to seeing in catalogues. The designs range even more when we’re talking about DIY room dividers. Check out some of our favorite ideas below.

Building a room divider such as this one is pretty easy, especially if you prefer a simple design without extra decorative features and accessories. The three panels are made of plywood and the frame is made of wood trim pieces. The other materials needed for the project include 6 hinges with screws, wood varnish, paint, nails, wood glue and basic tools. Check out ohohdeco for more details.

Curtains are also efficient when you want to visually separate an area from the rest of the room. They don’t offer any acoustic insulation and they’re only meant to give some privacy or to conceal something such as the bed during the day when you’re not using it. Check out heatherednest to find out how to make a curtain rod in just a few minutes.

You can casually and discreetly create a separation between the living room and the dining area (or two other spaces) using a set of shelves and a bunch of plants. You can build the divider using metal pipes and wooden boards and you can paint it to make it match the surrounding decor. This wonderful idea is inspired by this beautiful house featured on apartmenttherapy.

A rope wall is another cool idea for a DIY divider. In this scenario from the-brick-house solid walls would make the space seem smaller and would block all the light. These rope walls create a nice visual barrier between the spaces without totally closing off the office.

You can simplify your project quite a bit if you choose to use a ready made divider such as one made from rattan and to then give it a makeover. You can try this woven room divider idea that was featured on sugarandcloth. You can use yarn in various colors to create patterns and interesting designs.

If you want to, you can also transform a plant stand into a divider. A small DIY divider like this one would fit nicely on the balcony where you can use it to set up a little private nook or use it to block the view and get some privacy from your neighbors. Check out ikeahackers to find out how it’s done.

Another cool idea is to stack a bunch of wooden crates and to create a room divider that also doubles as a storage unit. You can use the crates as bookshelves or you can place planters in them. It’s a nice idea for a bedroom that has a sleeping area and also a seating or work area. Find more details about this project on thegirlrefined.

These rolling doors definitely look very beautiful and they can inspire some really cool designs for DIY room dividers of all sorts. The casters are an interesting idea and the panels that make up the dividers can be made of repurposed shutters, doors and other such things. Check out inmyownstyle for more ideas.

Speaking of rolling doors as room dividers, check out this other cool project from uttenreitherdesign. The wheels add lots of flexibility and freedom, making it super easy to open and close the doors and to create different levels of privacy. You can apply a similar idea if you want to set up dividers in your own home or you can even replace some of the walls and doors with rolling screens.

If you want something casual, a DIY room divider that creates a clear barrier without being too invasive, perhaps you’d like the idea featured on ikeahackers. This is a bamboo divider which is pretty easy to build and which can also be customized in all sorts of ways.

The screen features on kootutmurut is also a cool idea for a room divider. The project is simple and the design leaves lots of room for customization. Use this opportunity to add some color or pattern to the room. Add casters so you can easily move the screen around.

Ready on the market to spruce your decor

Three-panel dividers are not as common and the four-panel ones. They do still come in a variety of different materials like for example solid wood. The Laga divider has a beautiful design which consists of three hand-carved panels made of Paulownia wood. The woven pattern adds texture to the panels and creates an interesting effect. You can use this divider in a variety of different contexts thanks to its versatility.

The Cantero divider is also made of solid wood but its design is very different from the ones featured above. It’s quite simple and the four panels show different sections of the patterns, adding dynamism to the design. The silver circle pattern is only applied on one side and the frame is finished on both sides. There are also three other color options to choose from.

This elegant room divider is also made op of four panels and all four feature an identical repetitive pattern. The frame is slender and has clean and simple lines. It’s made of solid wood with a gold finish which matches the color of the lattice-inspired pattern and the interior is a set of rice paper screens.

The Noan room divider features four panels that measure 35.75” H x 17.5” W each. The overall design is clean and simple and both the frames and the panels are white in this particular case, with the lacquered brass two-way hinges being the accent details that contrast with the rest of the design and add a bit of color in a very subtle way.

Given that the panels are carved out and you can see right through the holes, the Nissen room divider is not the best at providing privacy. It is however very beautifully decorated and very elegant. It’s a wonderful divider for large social areas or office interiors that need to be visually separated into different zones. It also folds flat for easy storage when it’s not needed.

The Neagle divider is ideal for Japanese-inspired interiors and decors. It’s a four-panel divider which features a beautiful plum tree in bloom stretching across all four of them. The design is eye-catching and symbolic from an aesthetic point of view. Structurally, the divider is made from hardwood with a black finish used for the frames and thick, shoji-inspired rice paper panels. The hinges ensure that the panels can be folded in both directions.

In case four panels just won’t do, check out the Goku divider. It features a six-panel design with a traditional aesthetic. The screens are made of solid wood slats which allow light and air to pass through while blocking the view on the other side. The design is the same on both sides and can thus add charm and style to both areas at the same time. Two color versions are available, namely white and brown.

This is a highly-detailed design, with lots of hand0carved details for each of the individual sections on each panel. These sections range in shape and size and are combined into a puzzle-like structure. The Bouzov room divider is made of solid wood and has three panels that are 18’’ wide, measuring 70″ H x 54″ W x 0.75″ D when fully extended.

This version of the Noan room divider has three identical-looking panels with frames made of solid wood complemented by fiber-reinforced rice paper shades. It’s lightweight and versatile thanks to the simple and clean design. Also, in this case the frame is black and the screens are white which is a timeless combo. You can use this to break up a large space and add subtle Japanese-inspired charm to it at the same time.

The texture is an important element in the overall design of the Thales Folding Screen. The three panels of this stylish divider feature alternating sections of smooth wood veneer and natural woven surfaces. The design is discreet but has enough detail to stand out and to add character to the space around it. The panels are attached with double hinges so they can fold either way and they also have protectors on the legs to prevent scratches on the floor

The Cecilia room divider also features a woven pattern which gives it an elegant look and allows it to double as a decoration. It’s versatile, easy to use and practical when you want to separate a large space into different sections or to temporarily hide an area for privacy or other reasons. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms or office spaces and it can fold flat for easy storage when it’s not needed.

Some room dividers are not designed to offer privacy but rather to be used as visual markers or as decorations. A great example is the Charlayne divider which has three beautiful panels with a gorgeous geometric pattern. It’s made of wood and the panels are connected with hinges. The intricate cutout pattern provides a gorgeous backdrop and lets light travel through freely.

The design of this particular room divider is a beautiful mixture of classic and contemporary styles which adds to the versatility of this accessory. It has four panels with solid wood frames and jute screens and the frame overlaps the screens creating a circular pattern. The contrast of colors is strong but pleasant to the eyes.

The Kisner divider is as exquisite and sophisticated as it is practical. That gives you the option to either use it as a functioning space divider or to turn it into a decoration for the area around it. It’s made of solid acacia wood and has three panels with different-sized cutouts and inserts which creates an intricate geometric pattern all across the surface.

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