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Finding Ways to Help During a PandemicI've so enjoyed reading Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400's April Challenge Entries - what a wonderfully giving community we have. I marvel at the kindness and generosity shared here on a daily basis but, during a crisis, our members have gone above & beyond. Thanks to everyone for their fabulous entries and to Margaret for her continued community support. What on earth would we do without you, Margaret?    Rather than sharing physical or monetary ideas to help during these crazy times, I thought I would share something a little different - something more 'psychological.' I started a daily coronavirus hack to share ideas with my family, friends and clients...From instructional #CoronaVirusHacks such as ordering groceries in to finding online fitness classes to keep your physical health in check. I have shared ideas to support your local restaurateurs - even purchasing from a local bakery and having something special delivered to someone living alone to brighten their day. We’re doing our part to help small business - contractors, in particular, having our garage door serviced, having a contractor attack a honey-do list, buying from local florists to lift your spirits in your home…   I would like to think that I started the ‘Zoom Happy Hour’ trend in my city - and I am continuing to host 3 each week - different groups but, OH SO FUN! I can’t tell you how many people have shared how this has helped lift their spirits.  Spending time with friends and family has a way of lifting spirits anyway but, I really feel that we tend to ‘focus’ when we have several people in front of us on the screen! Of the 3 groups that I host each week, never have we not had a wonderful time together - smiles and laughter are THE best medicine.    Giving people hope and ideas to avoid boredom during quarantine, making it all about positive, happy ‘things to do’ - not just for others but, for the reader too - is important to me. These simple little ideas have been so well received. I can't tell you how many 'thank yous' I have gotten for these silly, simple hacks! People found creative ways to share Thank Yous for our first responders, putting jigsaw puzzles together to pass the time (and where to pick them up [safely]) and taking a drive, picking up lunch from a local restaurant and dining outdoors. I can’t tell you how cleansing (mentally) that was to get out of the house!  I just realized - it's time to take another drive to the lake and have lunch together! Some are celebrating birthdays, we celebrated Easter, anniversaries, graduations and more. I even found a fun way to celebrate my anniversary earlier in the month. After trying to dine in different rooms in my house, I came up with a bar-hopping idea to surprise Ray with. I shared this idea with a few people who even tried it before me but, never shared with Ray my idea so I would still be a surprise to him. It was a wonderful treat for him and we had an absolute blast! OH and I also learned something - we dressed up, including my wearing heels. I have to say, my feet have gotten used to flats during this COVID quarantine and it may be a long while before I wear heels again! LOL    The bottom line is that you can find things to do to fill moments of uncertainty with positivity or simply 'busy' things. When you do come up with an idea, share it! Those suggestions can make a difference in ones day. Make it a goal to lift the spirits of those around you - it really does make a difference.  As I mentioned, I've gotten so many thank yous for these hacks. Really, how simple is it to come up with a creative idea to make people smile or to take their minds off of sadness or boredom?!    One final word - don't think sharing these ideas and talking with others during this time about them hasn't been good medicine for me too! IT HAS!!  © Debe Maxwell | The Maxwell House Group | RE/MAX Executive | | Finding Ways to Help During a Pandemic
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