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Do you love Dallas? Do you love brain games?

I’m a huge fan of anything that can take me away from reality for a little bit. Usually I play games on my phone or become obsessed with brain games such as wordsearch, crossword puzzles and suduko. I often get lost in those types of games and it helps with my stress levels tremendously. I’m the type of person who always has to be doing something whether it be cleaning the house, writing a blog post or working out – sitting still doing nothing isn’t in my DNA. I hate the feeling it gives me of laziness and honestly hate that just relaxing makes me feel that way. 

I’ve found comfort in brain games because it allows me to sit “and do nothing” and I’m able to not feel horrible about it once I’m done. After going through many wordsearch books, I figured I would make a few of my own. I couldn’t pass up making a Dallas Texas Wordsearch and sharing with all of you. It’s the perfect word search to print out for your favorite Texan, a visiting guest or just to have laying around to work on at home. 


If you want to try this word search, all you have to do it click the picture below and download the PDF. 

We will be releasing more DFW cities and Texas word searches soon. If you have a specific suggestion, let me know!