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New blocky puzzler hits Switch soon.

With Fortnite merrily mashing together the biggest brand in Epic's ever-expanding metaverse, it's no surprise to see famous crossovers popping up all over the place these days. While not an official crossover, upcoming Switch puzzler Trenga Unlimited looks to blend the gameplay of everyone's favourite block-faller — albeit with with blocks falling into 3D space 'away' from you (more like Tetrisphere or Virtual Boy's 3D Tetris) — with possibly the world's most famous physical block-based game, Jenga. And everything's underwater. Natch.

Coming to Switch on 28th May courtesy of Flux Games, Trenga's 1-4 player 3D logic puzzling might be tough to visualise purely from description, so we'd recommend checking out the video above to get your head around the gameplay. There's a story to accompany the game's fifty levels, too, including cutscenes. Apparently you'll be controlling marine biologist Kate Nemo as she befriends cute sea creatures on a puzzle-y quest to find an ancestor lost in the depths of the ocean.

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