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First Grade Morning Bins for October are here and have been added to the First Grade Morning Bin Bundle! Join thousands of teachers who have swapped out their pencil and paper routine with hands-on and engaging morning bins!

NOTE: Many teachers are choosing to use these as early finisher tubs or during a different part of the day. Generic labels have been included for this purpose.



The benefits of morning bins are endless!

  • They are hands-on and engaging
  • They provide meaningful practice for basic skills
  • Students have opportunities to work on fine motor skills
  • They provide group and social interaction
  • These offer open-ended practice 
  • They can be used as an alternative to pencil/paper work
  • They provide extra practice for previously taught skills
  • Most importantly…they make learning FUN!


Each monthly theme will include 21 skills. The monthly skills stay the same throughout the months, but the activities change to provide students with more challenging activities. 

  • 189 Morning Bin activities
  • Color AND Black and White Versions Included!
  • Simplified Student Direction Cards
  • Material List for each bin 
  • Morning Bin Rules Poster
  • Labels for Bins (2 options)
  • Teacher Progress Monitoring Sheet
  • Some bins included accountably sheets, if you choose to use them


  • Vocabulary
  • Sounds
  • Segment and Blend
  • Sight Words
  • Sequence
  • Sentences
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Rhymes, Syllables and Compound Words
  • Text
  • Count Sequence
  • Comparing Numbers and Making Groups
  • Representing Numbers
  • Base 10
  • Fluency
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry
  • Time and Money
  • Patterns and Fractions
  • Social/Emotional: Regulating Myself and Relating to Others

Let’s take a look at what is included for the month of October

Let’s see the First Grade Morning Bins for October in action!

Morning Bin #1: Vocabulary

Students will build a vocabulary word with magnetic letters and will match the picture to the word.

Morning Bin #2: Sounds

Students will sort the pictures with the matching sound. This activities focuses on long vowel sounds.

Morning Bin #3: Segment & Blend

Students will figure out the CVC words by switching the letters on each ladder step.

Morning Bin #4: Sight Words

Students will roll a die, read the sight word, and place the right color snap cubes to form the picture.

Morning Bin #5: Sequence

Students will flip a card and cover the letter that comes next in the alphabet.

Morning Bin #6: Sentences

Students will spin a noun and a verb, and then write a sentence.

Morning Bin #7: Grammar

Students will flip a card and decide if it needs a capital letter or not.

Morning Bin #8: Writing

Students will flip a silly character and clothing item, and then write a story. Also, two sheets are included, one for a short shorty (shown below) and one for a longer story, for students who are ready.

Morning Bin #9: Rhymes, Syllables & Compound Words

Students will sort pictures into groups that rhyme onto the board.

Morning Bin #10: Text

Students will use any book to find a period, question and exclamation mark. Then they will write a sentence for each.

Morning Bin #11: Count Sequence

Students will fill in the missing numbers (1-100).

Morning Bin #12: Comparing Numbers & Making Groups

Students will flip a card and use manipulatives to model the number. Then try to divide into two equal groups. Finally, they will sort the number card into an odd or even pile.

Morning Bin #13: Representing Numbers

Students will spin a number and build tally marks to match their spin with popsicle sticks or any other manipulative.

Morning Bin #14: Base Ten

Students will put together the number card puzzles based on each piece that matches the base ten number.

Morning Bin #15: Fluency

Students will spin a number and add more to make ten. Example below: Spin 4, add 6 apples to the tree to make 10. Cover the number you needed to make 10.

Morning Bin #16: Addition & Subtraction

Students will flip, add and match the sum to the correct pumpkin or apple stand.

Morning Bin #17: Measurement & Data

Students will sort shapes by number of sides. 

Morning Bin #18: Geometry

Students will sort and match the 2D and 3D shapes.

Morning Bin #19: Time and Money

Students will sort coins onto the piggy banks.

Morning Bin #20: Patterns & Fractions

Students will look at and determine the pattern type, then recreate it.


Students will flip a card, draw and write about a time they had the feeling or saw a friend with the feeling. 

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