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Interior designer Suzanne Kasler joins the podcast to talk about the 10th anniversary of her collection with Ballard Designs

Our design partner and friend Suzanne Kasler joins us to talk about the 10th anniversary of her Ballard Designs collection. She shares what she loves about her partnership with us, how to incorporate timeless pieces into your home, and how to freshen up a space in simple ways. 

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Some trials and triumphs on a new architecture endeavor, fancy house plans, puzzles, hoses, and a cool wardrobe idea for men.
  • Suzanne collects what she likes as she travels and visits new places. We can pull our design from what inspires us and makes us feel the most connected to our home instead of having strict boundaries or rules.
  • Suzanne explains why people are gravitating towards woven texture, and how to incorporate woven texture with other patterns and textiles in an elevated and timeless way.
  • Our new summer collection with Suzanne features the classic and tried and true pieces, but also new fabrics, bright patterns, and items that will create a splash of fun and liveliness.
  • Fashion and interior design can be very much interwoven, and some of Suzanne’s plaid pieces are inspired by the shirts from Christmas.
  • Of course, Suzanne is making the most of her stay at home time, and she gives us ideas on easy ways to make big changes while our resources may be limited.
  • Ideas on how we would use a divider screen in our house.
  • How we can mix brown furniture in a light and bright room without making it feel heavy.
  • Suzanne’s two favorite white paint colors, and how to know which one to choose for the specific function.
  • A few of the new colors in the collection such as mandarin orange, and more about the cyclical timeless colors like blush.

Decorating Dilemmas:

Dear How to Decorate Ladies, 

Your podcast has been a LONG standing favorite of mine and I have been listening to all of you since the very beginning. I have been wanting to reach out for a long time…so here goes.  

I live in an 1890s farmhouse that has been expanded over the years. At one point, the current master bedroom was the living room that had a fireplace. Over time, they added onto the original structure and it became the master. As you can see, the fireplace is off center on the wall due to the only placement of the door, as well as off center across the space it is placed on. The fireplace has an old, outdated mantle with 2 different brick styles. 

 Also, all the walls contain windows, so this has been a real challenge in terms of furniture placement. Lastly, there is a small space off of the bedroom space that I have no idea what to do with. One day we hope to expand the bathroom, but I would love to use the space till that time comes. I have tried to add a few pieces I love, but I have been stuck as to how to move on. 

We have 2 little girls that are 5 and 3 and we would LOVE to have a space that feels like a retreat!!! PLEASE HELP! 

Thank you!! Caralee

View of Caralee's bedroom with neutral colors View of Caralee's bedroom Fireplace in Caralee's bedroom Opening between Caralee's bedroom and side room Extra room next to Caralee's bedroom that they are using for storage View of Caralee's bedroom into the headboard and window

You have so much space and natural light already, so congrats on that! A few suggestions of ours would be to paint the brick white and buy a fireplace screen. If you don’t use the fireplace then adding some white birch logs could look great. If you wanted to add a divider screen that matches the linen on the bed, that could be a solution to your window/bed issue. The room could be a great place to relax and watch TV, so making it comfortable and functional would give you options for a retreat or just a temporary escape! In the fall, Suzanne will be expanding her Mathes collection, so check back in for some chaise options that would look great.  Also, we love your wood floors!

Hi Karen, Taryn and Caroline,

I look forward to Tuesdays when your new shows come out!

Could you please offer some suggestions for a couch color in this family room.
I’m ordering a new couch, and I’m struggling with what color the fabric should be. I don’t want leather because I already have a leather chair.

As you can see in pictures, the family room is connected to the kitchen and dining room. It’s an open floor plan. I am keeping the current fireplace, leather chair and coffee table.
A new rug will come after the couch.

I’m thinking about a “moss green” color for the couch. I thought about a thin black and white stripe but am not it works with the dining room colors and kitchen. What do you think?

Also I’ll take any other opinions you have on the room.

Love you, love your show.


View of Beth's living room from the kitchen and breakfast area View of Beth's living room into the fireplace Beth's living room with red and tan striped couch Beth's living room which connects to her dining room

Suzanne recommends a neutral linen sofa, and you can add your color in through beautiful throws and pillows. That way you have a timeless couch, and you can change up your color scheme as you desire. The neutral linen sofa would also look great with the textures and tones in your room. We recommend moving the sofa so it is centered, and getting a bigger rug. Put the two end tables at each end of the sofa, and two lamps on them would bring an anchored feel to the room.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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