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Running is a serious business. No more are we merely running for pure survival, but only for recreation and sometimes as a profession. So, while many of us simply don a pair of old trainers to jog around the block, others go full bore, using all the newest tech for training. The Nurvv Run Smart Insoles are just that, offering a host of sensors to measure how your feet perform.

The design is interesting, with 32 sensors spread out around the actual insole and a battery module that sticks out the shoe, clipping to the side near the ankle. The insoles are said to fit any running shoe, though there may be some that struggle with the external battery.

What it does is analyses your cadence, where exactly you put pressure on your feet when you run, and the overall power. Through these metrics, the Run Smart Insoles provide insights into your running and suggests improvements and guidance to help you improve.

It connects to your Garmin, phone or watch through Bluetooth, as well as Strava, and other sensors, like a heart rate monitor. It's made to be another piece in the training puzzle, though a potentially strong one for technique, as it even provides coaching through its app. It even sets up tests to gather metrics to see how you're performing, like the Power Dial, Power Test, and Power Workout. Then it delivers a report on how you're doing in each.

Nurvv says it's built to take on all weather conditions and that the battery will last 5 hours, which is fair enough. It's not a cheap product by any means, coming in at £249.99. But if you're a serious runner, then it's probably up there with some of the most useful tools to improve.