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This month's Rust update truly is a whopper, introducing a refreshed underwater biome with procedural underwater lab dungeons, submarines, torpedoes, sharks and more.

The update, which launched yesterday, introduces procedurally-generated underwater labs to the world of Rust, which will come in a variety of shapes and sizes - but always with two entry points. They can be entered via a "moonpool" using a submarine (another new item that we'll get to later). The labs also have CCTV to help you plan your route, along with microphones that let you "broadcast your commands into the entire base's network".

Some labs even come with mess hall rooms that allow you to play high-stakes poker, or barbecue meat while listening to music with your pals. That all sounds relaxing, but there are also plenty of nefarious NPCs on board that want to spoil your day - best stay on your toes. You'll find some tasty loot if you make it past these puzzles and enemies, so perhaps the reward is worth the risk.

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