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Puts Navi to shame!

Back in the 1980s, the original Legend of Zelda for the NES was a massive success. People all over the world were journeying into the land of Hyrule for the very first time, figuring out its puzzles and spilling its secrets on the playground, in the breakroom, at the pub, you name it. Many of its riddles were extremely cryptic and if you didn’t have the manual or map that came with the game or a sibling or a friend with all the knowledge, who knows how long it could take you to get anywhere.

These days, someone could just Google the correct route through the Lost Woods or the location of extra Heart Containers, but back in the day, players would write their own notes and craft their own maps to help themselves traverse the world and dungeons a bit easier. One artist by the name of Philip Summers has garnered quite a name for himself by sketching his own walkthroughs for classic games all by hand, and a guide for the very first Legend of Zelda is his latest creation!

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