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Theme: "Fast x Furious IV" - Four definitions of "Fast" and "Furious".

53A. Furious: BLOWING A FUSE.


3D. Furious: ON THE WAR PATH.

35D. Fast: AT A GOOD CLIP.
 47D. Furious: FIT TO BE TIED.

 67D. Fast: A MILE A MINUTE.

The duo is back. I just blogged the Yaakov Bendavid & Yoni Glatt puzzle last month.

The theme is simpler than last time. Basic definition puzzle. But all the theme entries are in the language. 


1. Bring up, as a subject: BROACH. Consonant-rich.

7. Longtime Syrian ruling family name: ASSAD. Quite a few names in this grid.

12. Rat on: NAME.

16. Passover mo., usually: APR.

19. Vaquero's home: RANCHO.

20. Ethiopia's Selassie: HAILE. Emperor of Ethiopia (1930 to 1974). Wiki says "The 1973 famine in Ethiopia led to Selassie's removal from the throne. He died on 27 August 1975 at age 83 following a coup d'état".

21. Puritan's conclusion?: ICAL. Puritanical.

22. Sulu portrayer John: CHO.

26. Vehicle in a queue: CAB.

27. Computer connection method: ETHERNET.

28. "Die Lorelei" poet: HEINE (Heinrich). Wiki says "He is best known outside Germany for his early lyric poetry, which was set to music in the form of lieder (art songs) by composers such as Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert."

29. Wound: INJURE.

31. Doctor Octopus, to Spidey: FOE.

32. Load: ONUS.

34. "The Flying Dutchman" soprano: SENTA. No idea.

36. Norse pantheon: AESIR.

37. Development site: WOMB.

40. "Groundhog Day" insurance salesman: NED.

42. Specifics, informally: DEETS. Details.

44. Rope fiber: BAST.

45. Carne __: steak dish: ASADA. And 49. Food: EATABLES.

47. Paying passengers: FARES.

51. Based on deduction as opposed to experience: A PRIORI.

56. Gentle attention-getters: TAPS.

57. Series-ending abbr.: ETC.

59. Radiate: EMIT.

60. "Nor to their idle __ doth sight appear": Milton: ORBS.

61. Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT.

62. Groups that get busy in Sept.: PTAS.

64. Charm: ENAMOR.

66. Fairy tale figures: HAGS.

70. T, on the NYSE: ATT.  & T.

71. Rootless sort: ROVER.

73. Hit the dirt on a diamond: SLIDE.

74. "So exciting--not": MEH.

75. Half of an alternative to 7-Down: MAHI. And 7. Sashimi staple: AHI TUNA.

77. Former White House family: OBAMAS.

79. Digitally stored: ON CD.

80. Stack: PILE.

81. Cathedral part: NAVE.

83. "No damage": I'M OK.

85. Actor Wallach: ELI.

86. Palindromic magazine: ELLE.

91. As an alternative: INSTEAD.

93. Philanderer first seen in Cervantes: LOTHARIO. In Don Quixote

94. Banjoist's aid: STRAP.

96. Choking up: TEARY.

97. Peak in Thessaly: OSSA.

98. Creator of Horton the Elephant: SEUSS.

101. Gardener's buy: SOD.

102. Rural spread: FARM.

103. Columbus' birthplace: GENOA.

105. Critical times, military-style: D-DAYS.

107. Author Morrison: TONI.

109. Dispassionate: ICY.

112. Vibrant photo: GLOSSY.

114. Region bordering the River Avon: ARDEN.

116. Showman named Phineas: P T BARNUM. He originated "There's a sucker born every minute".

119. Letters on a note: IOU.

123. Balaam's mount: ASS.

124. Cajun mainstay: OKRA.

125. Blake of ragtime: EUBIE. Quite a few names in this grid.

126. Herbal brew: RED TEA. I drink jasmine tea most of the time.

127. Understand: SEE.

128. Hold back: REIN.

129. __-no question: YES OR.

130. Nasty looks: SNEERS.


1. Bring up to speed: BRIEF.

2. Totaled, as a bill: RAN TO.

4. Have a hankering (for): ACHE.

5. "The Witches of Eastwick" co-star: CHER. Never saw it. Powerful cast.

6. Schmooze (with): HOBNOB.

8. Word in many California city names: SAN.

9. Many a Punjabi: SIKH.

10. Skin cream ingredients: ALOES.

11. Treated like it didn't exist, as gravity: DEFIED.

12. Tony Gwynn's uniform number: NINETEEN. Mr. Padre.

13. Frequent winner: ACE.

14. Polite question opener: MAY I.

15. Kagan on the bench: ELENA. She and ALITO has very crossword-friendly names.

16. Some finger-pointing: ACCUSALS.

17. One in an ancient Jewish sect: PHARISEE.

18. Rehnquist's successor: ROBERTS. John Roberts once clerked for Rehnquist.

24. "Total Recall" director Wiseman: LEN.

25. Klein of fashion: ANNE.

30. Son and brother of George: JEB BUSH.

33. Tennis' Novak Djokovic, for one: SERB.

38. Source of praise in verse: ODIST.

39. Red Guard leader: MAO. The crazy time. Chairman Mao died in Sept 1976. His wife, one of the Gang of Four, was then arrested. The Cultural Revolution slowly drew to a close, theoretically. In Xi'an, things did not return normal until 1984.

41. Editor's "Lose it": DELE.

43. Headed the cast of: STARRED IN.

45. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies, e.g.: AA TEAM.

46. Ancient Greek military power: SPARTA.

48. A little: SOME.

50. Andrews or Vandenberg: Abbr.: AFB.

52. "Tsk tsk" sayers: REPROVERS.

54. Pitching stat: WINS.

55. "Cosmicomics" author Calvino: ITALO.

58. Vena __: CAVA.

63. Big rollers: SEMIS.

65. __ shaft: MINE.

68. Buffy player Sarah Michelle __: GELLAR.

69. Ally of "The Breakfast Club": SHEEDY.

72. Stadium access: RAMP.

76. Like a supermarket before a major storm, perhaps: IN CHAOS. Now you can easily find toilet paper and hand sanitizers in our grocery stores. They also sell masks, 10 in a box. $14/box.

78. Musical fifths: SOLS.

80. Saint at a gate: PETER.

82. Name-linking trio: AKA.

84. LEGO buys: KITS.

87. Kind of situation to avoid: LOSE LOSE.  And 88. "What's the point?!": IT'S NO USE. And 89. "Way to go, bro!": YOU DA MAN. Three great fill.

90. Gentle gait: TROT.

92. __-puf: old laundry product: STA. Unfamiliar to me. Oh, I recently read an article on Buf-Puf sponge. Have any of you used it before?

93. Open galleries: LOGGIAS. New word to me.

95. Pet shelter visitor, maybe: ADOPTER.

99. Draped dress: SARI.

100. Bondi Beach city: SYDNEY.

102. Forensic evidence bits: FIBERS.

104. "Now, about ... ": AS FOR.

106. Seamless flow: SEGUE.

108. Large power: NTH.

110. More cuddly: CUTER.

111. Jewish community orgs.: YMHAS.

113. It helps a team pull together: YOKE.

115. Snatches: NABS.

117. Blessing follower: AMEN.

118. Went by car: RODE.

121. Actress Graynor: ARI.

122. Muchacho's uncle: TIO.