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Riddles are a great way to stimulate anyone — kids included — who want to kick their brain out of routine thinking habits. The best riddles for kids, like the best jokes for kids, are challenging, fun word puzzles that push them to examine their assumptions while giggling at language itself. Not every riddle is easy, in fact riddles for kids should offer a playful way to wrestle with truly challenging questions. Most kids have a natural aptitude for the type of thinking they require, and will surprise you with how well they tackle a thinker. They just have to be the right riddles and answers — not too complex, not too easy.  The best riddles engage a kid’s natural problem-solving skills and make them laugh along the way.  These 37 riddles and answers for kids — ranging from hard riddles to medium riddles to easy riddles — are ones that children can solve, and have fun while doing so.

Twelve in Six Letters

Riddle: A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remains, what is it?

Solution: Dozens.

Full of Holes, But Still Holds Water

Riddle: What is full of holes but still holds water?

Solution: A sponge.

The English Alphabet

Riddle: How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Solution: 18: 3 in ‘the’, 7 in ‘English,’ and 8 in ‘alphabet.’

At the Start a Lummox

Riddle: Turn us on our backs and open up our stomachs, and you will be the wisest but at the start a lummox. What are we?

Solution: Books.

A Wet One

Riddle: What becomes wetter the more it dries?

Answer: A towel.

Impossible to Say ‘Yes’ To

Riddle: What answer can you never answer yes to?

Solution: Are you asleep yet?

You Can Count on Us

Riddle: When things go wrong, what can you always count on?

Solution: Your fingers.

Looking Ahead

Riddle: What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

solution: The future.

A Zebra By Any Another Name

Riddle: What’s black and white and blue?

Solution: A sad zebra.

All Streets, No People

Riddle: Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?

Solution: A map.

Neck and…Neck?

Riddle: What has a neck but no head?

Solution: A bottle.

How Did They Miss This One?

Riddle: What word is spelled wrong in the dictionary?

Answer: Wrong.

Fox in the Woods

Riddle: How far can a fox run into the woods?

Solution: Only halfway, otherwise it would be running out of the woods!

Freak Occurrences

Riddle: What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?

Answer: The letter “M”

A Colorful Situation

Riddle: Mr. Blue lives in the Blue house. Mrs. Yellow lives in the Yellow House. Mr. Orange lives in the orange house. Who lives in the White House?

Answer: The President

Odd Number

Riddle: I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

Solution: Seven.

These Hands Can’t Clap

Riddle: What has hands but doesn’t clap?

Solution: A clock.

Break Before Using

Riddle: What has to be broken before you can use it?

Solution: An egg.


Riddle: If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, what are four and five?

Solution: Nine!

Only Going Up

Riddle: What goes up but never comes back down?

Solution: Your age!

The Shorter Word

Riddle: What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

Solution: Shorter. (Short + ‘er’)

Houses Made of…

Riddle: If a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a greenhouse made of?

Solution: Glass, all greenhouses are made of glass.

Catch but Don’t Throw…

Riddle: What can you catch but not throw?

Solution: A cold!

Begins and Ends With T

Riddle: What begins with T, finishes with T, and has T in it?

Solution: A teapot.

Not Benjamin Button

Riddle: I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old, what am I?

Solution: A candle.

Easy to Break

Riddle: What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?

Solution: Silence.

One Letter and Starts With ‘E’

Riddle: What begins with an E but only has one letter?

Solution: An envelope.

The Long Line

Riddle: You draw a line. Without touching it, how do you make it a longer line?

Solution: Draw a short line next to it and now it’s the longer line.

How the Leopard Changed Spots

Riddle: How can a leopard change its spots?

Solution: By moving from one spot to another.

Easy in, Hard Out

Riddle: What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?

Solution: Trouble.

Brother of Daughters

Riddle: Mary has four daughters, and each of her daughters has a brother — how many children does Mary have?

Solution: Five, each daughter has the same brother.

Snap, Crackle…

Riddle: David’s parents have three sons: Snap, Crackle and…?

Solution: David!


Riddle: You bought me for dinner but never eat me. What am I?

Solution: Cutlery.

Parental Confusion

Riddle: A boy and his father get into a car accident. When they arrive at the hospital, the doctor sees the boy and exclaims “that’s my son!” How can this be?

Solution: The doctor is the boy’s mother.

Dry Without an Umbrella

Riddle: If a brother, his sister, and their dog weren’t under an umbrella, why didn’t they get wet?

Solution: It wasn’t raining.

Success Before Work

Riddle: Where does success come before work?

Solution: The dictionary.

Train Fatalities

Riddle: After a train crashed, every single person died. Who survived?

Solution: All of the couples.

Always on the Move in One Spot

Riddle: What travels around the world but stays in one spot?

Solution: A stamp.

Blind With Four Eyes

Riddle: What has four eyes but can’t see?

Solution: Mississippi.


Riddle: If you took two apples from a pile of three apples, how many apples would you have?

Solution: The one apple you took



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