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Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated playroom, kids’ toys are rarely manageable. You may have figured out how to go minimal with toys, crafts, and books, but they still seem to multiply when you’re not looking. And the toy storage bins and organizers either don’t get used or else they make it difficult to find things (these two phenomena are related). In addition to a big, fat mess, you’re left with toes stubbed from Legos, stickers stuck to your ass, and just a generally unsafe walking experience. Luckily, there are actually some magical toy storage organizers that make it easy to keep toys orderly and accessible.

Of course, the storage unit that works best for you will depend on what types of toys your kid gravitates towards. If they like balls and big trucks, or larger dolls, then a toy storage unit with larger, deeper compartments, like a toy chest, may be the way to go. But if your kid favors arts and crafts, or smaller toys with lots of parts, you’ll want a toy organizer with compartments and removable bins (preferably ones that provide some visibility into what’s inside). These are the best toy storage solutions we found, based on the toys you have (literally) lying around your house.

If the inner designer in you wants complete autonomy over what your storage looks like, then this build-your-own set from Pottery Barn is the way to go. Pick and choose which pieces fit your kid's needs and assemble them together to create an entire wall of storage that can elegantly showcase, and hide away, all the books, toys, and knick-knacks taking up space in your house.

ECR4Kids makes furniture for schools, so its toy storage cabinets are solid as anything and designed for practicality. This compact unit is perfect for crafty kids, Lego obsessives, or small-car racers. It can store (and most importantly, organize) everything in its 15 bins (not included) and stores artwork, sticker books, puzzles and board games in its 17 slots. It's not as beautiful as your midcentury furniture, but it is solid wood and more of a looker than most.

You can just use shoeboxes for the ECR4Kids birch storage cabinet if you like, but these clear bins allow kids to see everything they need and easily put everything away when they're done. Like the cabinet, they're on the more expensive side, but they'll last so long that they'll more than pay for themselves.

This all-in-one shelving unit, which measures roughly 2½ feet wide by 2½ feet high, has an array of 12 colorful bins. No, it's not the most attractive option, but the angle and portability of the bins mean that kids can find what they need easily — and don't need to dump out 100 things looking for it.

This classic chest, which comes in a variety of colors to fit any aesthetic, provides plenty of room for quickly getting rid of clutter. Plus, it doubles as a bench (you can add cushions) and has safety hinges to keep the lid open and prevent smashed fingers.

This utilitarian storage organizer isn't the prettiest but it gets the job done. With 16 storage bins in differing sizes, it's the perfect addition to any larger playroom and will ensure that there's a place for everything and that (maybe) everything will be put in its place.

The white wooden exterior makes this storage unit an easy piece to fit into any room in the house, while also staying fun with its eight colorful storage bins. From balls to building blocks to books, this sturdy organizer is a practical way to keep toys off the floor.

Who knew storage could be so chic? This catch-all bookcase somehow would look great in any room in the house, while also providing ample space to store all the toys you're tired of tripping over. The top shelf is perfect for books or games, while four bins below can hold small toys and art supplies. A rolling bin underneath can hide any other miscellaneous items.

This handy and good-value table, which measures just under 2 feet high, is a staple at preschools and daycares. The removable tabletop is reversible: One side has an illustrated scene that's great for trains and cars, and the other has a building surface for Legos (200 'Lego-compatible blocks' come with the table, too) . And the roomy storage area inside is perfect for storing Legos, cars, or other small toys, and can even be cleared out and used for sensory play.

Another option that combines open shelving with more closed-off storage, this toy bench includes three buckets for storing odds and ends, plus a shelf perfect for books or other display-worthy toys. The top provides another surface for toys, lighting, or decor.

If a classic toy box is more your speed, this personalized one is hard to beat. It doesn't provide much organization for different kinds of toys, but throwing everything in one box and closing the lid does make for easy clean-up and a clutter-free room. It comes fully assembled, and the lid has a safety feature that prevents it from slamming closed on a kid's hand or head.

This stepping stool does double duty as a storage space. In the bathroom, it can help kids reach the sink while storing bath toys. In a bedroom, it might help a kid reach a dresser drawer while storing small toys like Legos.

These trendy pom pom buckets provide an easy and good looking storage solution for toys that need to be shoved somewhere. Think stuffed animals, balls, dolls, even blankets.

If you're short on space, this rattan basket provides an adorable place to throw some books and smaller toys. It's not the most comprehensive storage solution, standing at only 1.5 feet wide and 11 inches high, but it's great for storing smaller toys that would get lost in a big chest, is super accessible to kids, and is way better looking than your average toy bin.


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