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Looking for a thriller novel filled with intrigue, a complex plot filled with twists and turns, and a hint of romance? T.J. Jones's newest novel "The Gypsy" is just what you might be looking for to add to your fall reading list. T. J. Jones is a Minnesota-based author with multiple published novels in mystery, thriller, and romance genres.  He is the author of the popular Eric Slater mystery series. Jones is an emerging literary talent on the local scene.

A well-written prologue caught my interest early on in this novel. The description of an enigmatic lady who goes by the name The Gypsy left me wondering how her story and the main protagonist Adam Cain would unfold and eventually collide. 

Cain, whose tour of Afghanistan with the Army abruptly ends, finds himself at loose ends. He takes up residence in Nevada to be closer to his friend Mickey, who is a bartender at a strip club. A recent breakup with his girlfriend, Jenny, adds to Cain's dismal mood. While nursing a beer or two a chance encounter with the elusive Gypsy boosts his spirits but is short-lived when they find themselves caught in the middle of a mass shooting at the bar. The story is filled with action and sharp dialogue that takes off in many directions. Cain begins to wonder if meeting this strikingly beautiful woman is really a coincidence or his destiny. Each of them faces their own demons and set off to figure the "why" of the shooting. Cain's mistrust of the FBI and their cover-ups, a madman who has amassed a militia and enough ammunition to start a war, high profile people with political aspirations fueling power and greed spark dangerous situations for both of them. Both Cain and The Gypsy have their own agendas hoping to save the innocent. I guarantee your interest will be sustained right down to the very last page in this fast-paced mystery trying to figure out how the pieces fit in a larger puzzle. 

The story has incorporated some darker elements not found in Jones's previous stories. I found it to be a thought-provoking look at the growing epidemic of violence we are facing today. Depictions of violence found in the story are not meant to glorify but show acts that should never happen. Perhaps the author sees his story as an opportunity to make a statement that often the innocent are the ones who suffer the most at the hands of the powerful, greedy, and fanatic. As with all of Jones's previous books, heroes do manage to survive. The ending left a door open possibly paving the way for Book 2. 

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