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When the mercury rises and the clouds are drifting on by, is there anything better than hanging out poolside? Or better yet, lazing on the water while sprawled out on a ridiculously comfortable lounger with a cold beverage in-hand? With alll due respect to pool floats shaped lilke avocados and inflatable donuts, if you want to relax on the water in a more grown-up way, then pool floats for adults are what you need.

If you’re considering grabbing one or two new pool floats for the upcoming summer season, there are a few questions to keep in mind. Below, you’ll find our favorite pool floats for Summer 2021.
   What’s it made out of?
Material is everything when we’re talking about adult floats. Thin material rips easier than heavy-duty material and can leave you feeling deflated before you even hit the water. Mesh is usually a good bet in terms of draining and drying, and these days many luxury loungers are made from comfortable, buoyant beads. Then there’s vinyl, a tried-and-true staple of pool floats everywhere. Good quality vinyl stands up to lots of usage, but there’s not much you can do about the fading other than choose a brighter color that may last longer.
How much weight can it hold?
Do you want to be submerged in the water or is floating and baking more your personal style? Be sure to check the weight specifications on the product in order to gauge whether the lounger will hold you up high or leave you down low.
Does it suit your purpose?
Last but not least be sure to consider your space and surroundings. If you have a smaller pool or expect a crowded summer, minimalist floats that don’t take up a lot of space are the way to go. However if there are just a few of you or you plan on sprawling out and taking up as much space as possible, why not go for oversized luxury? You do you.
   1. Floating Mesh Pool Chair

Take your living room right to the pool with this mesh lounge chair from Frontgate. The floating ottoman features oversized armrests and a sturdy, cushioned back, which makes it perfect for those times you feel like chilling in the water in a more upright position. The inside is stuffed with buoyant polystyrene beads and the outside is comprised of easy-to-drain mesh, making this a sturdy pick that should last for years.
Buy: Floating Mesh Pool Chair $149.00    2. Intex Recreation Tote-N-Float Wave Mat

If all you need is some water and a place to occasionally rest your head, then these inflatable mats are perfect. They come in three bright and fun summer colors (making them easy to spot on a lake), and they can be easily rolled up for when you need to take them on the road. Amazon reviewers love that they’re lightweight and that they roll up easily even when inflated, but be warned that these are made from thin material and will probably only last you a season.
Buy: Intex Recreation Tote-N-Float Wave Mat $19.99    3. Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float

If you’re looking for a basic float that gets a variety of jobs done, this is your ticket. Use this contraption as a drifter, a hammock, a lounge chair and even an exercise saddle, and climb in and out of it with ease. The material is a 50-50 vinyl and soft mesh mix, and it holds up to 250 pounds. Meanwhile, nearly 40,000 users have given this float a 4.5-star average rating, so you know it holds up.
Buy: Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float $18.39    4. Inflatable Kickback Lounger

This sturdy pool float is made from vinyl and holds up to 275-300 pounds, plus it features giant armrests so that you can kick back in comfort. The adjustable headrest lets you decide on the angle you want to lounge at, giving you plenty of options as the sun moves throughout the day. Add in the convenient cup holder and we know where you’ll be spending most of your hot summer days.
Buy: Inflatable Kickback Lounger $99.25    5. Lazy Day Pool Chair

Because sometimes you just want to park your butt in the water, there is this simple but effective floating chair. It supports up to 300 pounds and is stain and fade-resistant, even when you toss it in saltwater. Grab a few of them if you plan on hosting pool parties or gatherings; they aren’t as bulky as traditional loungers so they’re a great bet for summertime hangs.
Buy: Lazy Day Pool Chair $129.00    6. Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

If you want to hit the water and soak up a good book or that magazine you’ve been meaning to peruse, this chair will help realize that dream. The chair comes with two cup holders and two air chambers for added safety, plus it comes with that always-handy repair patch. Intex makes some of the best pool floats for grown-ups and kids alike, and the company says this floating pool chair will hold up to 250 pounds. The thick vinyl will hold you up well out of the water where you can catch some rays.
Buy: Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge $43.90    7. Floating Luxuries’ King Kai

If you’re looking for an adult pool float that actually feels more like a bed, then this giant lounger is for you. The oversized construct is designed to keep you floating no matter what position you find yourself in, and with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds you can also chill out with a friend. Add in the smooth, sun-resistant Sunbrella fabric and mesh material, and if you invest in this lounger now, odds are you’ll love for years to come.
Buy: King Kai (Blue) $149.56 Buy: King Kai (Red) $299.95   
8. Big Joe Pool Noodle Float

Sure you could invest in tons of dollar-store-noodles, but after a while, the foam starts to chip, the inside stinks, and you can never quite get that comfortable angle. If you want a good-sized, sturdy noodle that will help you float but bend a little easier to your will, this mesh noodle is the way to go. It’s filled with buoyant beads and dries quickly, plus it comes with its own handy carrying case.
ON SALE! Buy: Big Joe Pool Noodle Float $24.95    9. SwimWays Spring Float

If you’re looking to float near someone else’s boat, you’ll want a device that’s portable and practical. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. This compact float features spring technology that allows it to open and close quickly, making it perfect for travel and storage. It’s also super comfy thanks to the mesh material and a built-in pillow, which combine to keep you cool and composed no matter what kind of water you find yourself in.
Buy: Swimways Spring Float $24.99    10.Drift Chaise Float

If all you want to do is sink into a luxury chair with a drink in hand, Frontgate has you covered with this cushioned chaise float. It’s made from quick-drying fabric and stuffed with beads so that you can comfortably float those stresses away. The chair comes in three colors and supports up to 250 pounds, plus it’s stain and mildew resistant—even in saltwater.
Buy: Drift Chaise Lounge $229.00   

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