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Camping is one of the most fun and amazing experiences anyone could ever have. Though there are some tips and tricks that not many people know about. For example, that you can start a fire using bricks, car rims and some stones on top to and turn an area in the woods into a Sauna just by attaching some cling film all around the trees in the area.
You can make your own thermos for cold days using an old orange juice carton.
I also show you how to use a plain shirt and turn it into amazing head bandanas to protect yourself in the cold winter.
You can make your own compass using a cup of water, a magnetized needle, and a leaf. The magnetized needle will start to point north.
If you dont have any matches, you can start a fire using some gum wrap and a battery.
To get rid of annoying mosquitos and repel them simply burn some fresh mint in the fire.
When youre outdoors and you want to save some of your water, another great camping hack is to make your own water dispenser using a syringe.
I also show you how to use a hula hoop as an outdoors shower by attaching some shower curtains to it.

0:07 DIY Sauna in the snow
1:52 DIY thermos
4:46 How to make your shoes waterproof
6:51 How to get rid of insects
9:11 DIY outdoors shower
11:14 How to deal with sweat
12:58 DIY floating key holder


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