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We love the idea of repurposing common household items and making them useful crafts for your home. We prepared a collection of incredible household hacks that will save you a fortune and time. Here is a collection of life-changing hacks that will save you time and ease your life.
You will learn surprising ways to use sticky tape at home. You can clean your sweater from hair using sticky tape, make a holder for a cup, how to get rid of black dots.
Attach double-sided tape to the mop to clean the floor effectively. Slippery shoes? Apply a piece of the adhesive tape to the soles of your new high heels. This trick lowers the chance of slipping.
A hairdryer is an incredibly multifunctional tool that you can use for different purposes. For example, you can remove band-aids easily using a hairdryer. Warm heat destroys the sticky part. Transform a long cord into a coiled one that will take less place. Wrap the pencil with the cord and use a hairdryer. You can dry socks very quickly by putting them on a hairdryer.

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00:09 Brilliant household tips
05:58 Incredible photo trick
06:25 Surprising uses of a hairdryer
09:26 Life hacks with adhesive tape

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