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Cities could be very dangerous and accidents could happen everywhere thats why you should be ready for unexpected situations. We prepared survival hacks that will help to survive in a dangerous situation. Women should know basic self-defense techniques not to be caught in an unexpected situation. In this video, you will learn the weak points of mens bodies that might save your life once. If you are attacked you should punch the attacker in the groin as it will paralyze the attacker and you will have just enough time to escape. The main spots you should beat are eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees, and groin because they are the most vulnerable. Watch our video carefully as we collected the most effective moves to escape from the attack.
One more collection of clever life hacks will teach you how to hide money during travel. You can use a hairbrush to hide money and nobody will find it. Moreover, we will show you how to hide a passport under the table - you will need band-aids and a hair tie. Also, you will find tips that will help to make your travel more comfortable. You can make a quick toothbrush holder from a paper cup - flip a paper cup upside down and make a hole for a toothbrush. I have the moment when I need to charge my gadgets but the hotel requires a card for the power to stay on. Find a sheet of paper or a piece of cardboard.

00:09 Self-defence techniques
07:29 Clever travel hacks
07:50 How to hide money
11:48 Cool way to open a glass bottle

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