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Red bathrooms arent the obvious choicebut thats what makes them so great! Dare to stand out from the crowd and create a unique decor scheme thats full of heat and mystique. Weve all become accustomed to seeing the odd red bathroom accessories set here and there, but today were talking about all in, all round red bathroom designs that would laugh in the face of safe neutral schemes. Come with us on a journey through 51 inspirational red bathroom ideas, where well find stand-out red vanities and red sinks, unique red bathroom decor and stunning red tiles, plus brave concepts for intertwining other punchy accent colours into red interiors.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov

Red and rosy. An illuminated mirror and some focussed spot lights create a rosy glow in this red minimalist bathroom, where red on red is the non negotiable theme.

Visualizer: K Band

Another run at a red on red theme, only this time there are clean white ceramics to disrupt the solidity.

Designer: AAA Arch

Make a green view really pop. As red and green are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, they create high contrast when put side by side. Frame your green garden view with red interior walls, floors and ceiling.

Designer: Anthony Gill

Shiny red bathroom tiles cup the view of outdoor greenery in this one.

Visualizer: Lange Geller Kuehl Interiors

Red as a classic colour. Red wainscot and boiserie look the business in a bathroom. This traditional styling works best with traditional silhouettes for toilets and sinks. Complete the look with a set of elegant wall sconces, and a black and white tiled floor.

Source: SHK Shop

Red razzmatazz. Red carpets are rolled out at big showbiz bashes, so we associate the rich colour with a bit of glitz and glamour. Make your own showstopper with ruby red bathroom walls, a unique red accent chair, and one Hollywood-worthy chandelier in the starring role.

Visualizer: Daryna Detiles

Roll out your own red carpet. Once youve created an award worthy feature, roll out a red bathroom rug to beat a path to it.

Visualizer: Elevation Architectural Studios

Red and black baroque. Go heavy on elaborate ornamentation and decoration to create your very own piece of baroque. Choose densely patterned tiles, candelabra wall sconces, and a boldly baroque inspired vanity mirror.

Designer: Balbek Bureau

Look into the light. Solid red decor can have a darkening effect, especially in a small space, so be sure to install ample light to keep the bathroom at a comfortable level for your needs. The solid light box frame around this double sink bathroom vanity mirror is electrifying.

Visualizer: Diff

Alternate the wall treatment with tone and texture. This red and black bathroom uses areas of solid red and black decor interspersed with grey marbled slab. The marbled effect spills out across the floor to unite the room.

Say hi to high gloss walls. The light reflective, room expanding qualities of glossy surfaces can be taken to the extreme by covering basic walls with gorgeous gloss panels.

Visualizer: Light Design

This remarkable marbled red wall brings organic pattern and movement.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Petrukhina

Red and ribbed. Ribbed wall panels build a pinstripe pattern of light and shade.

Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva

Transform a red and white bathroom design from an ok for now to a definite wow, with strong black base notes. Black swing arm wall lamps, black framed vanity mirrors, and black towel rails all fit the bill.

Visualizer: LIS design studio

Use red as zoning, like this dark red tiled shower enclosure.

Visualizer: Tomek Michalski

Decorate in palatable proportions. A very large luxury bathroom benefits from plenty of air being put through strong colour. Get bold with one red feature wall, then use a few well placed colourful elements to accentuate the rest of the room.

Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov

Play with proportion! Decorating small areas in solid contrasting colour can distract from size limitations.

Visualizer: Slava Korchagin

Colour a base band. Install red vanity cabinets and matching tiles at consistent height around the base of a red and white bathroom scheme, to create a solid bright band.

Visualizer: Stanislav Ananev

The colour arrangement is flipped on it head this time around, with a red band wrapping the upper half of the room scheme. Crisp black and white geometric tiles vie for attention down on the floor.

Brighten up the bathroom furniture. Bright red bathroom furniture will create a buzz in the plainest of bathrooms. Buy a brand spanking new red bathroom set, or give a face lift to pieces you already own with a coat of primer and paint.

Visualizer: Artem Tafy

No more drab doors. Colour coordinate the bathroom door and cabinet doors in the same red hue as the walls for a totally cohesive finish.

Source: Terma Heat

If youre just looking to add a brief pop of red to your bathroom design, a modern vertical radiator or heated towel rail is a great way to bring in a sizable piece. This hot red design looks stunning next to a cool turquoise tipped table.

Source: Zucchetti

You could also opt for statement red faucets, which speak loud and proud on a slate backsplash.

Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone

Up the tempo with graphic bars of red, black and white to boost walls and floors.

Visualizer: Artgroup

A Mondrian inspired interior design may quench a thirst for red decor, with its primary colours and solid shapes.

Visualizer: Delcon USA

Another take on the Mondrian bathroom theme.

Visualizer: Lemonade Studio

A subtler take on cubism. This time just a few black and white blocks cross a solid red wall, but the abstract style is still distinctive.

Visualizer: Kirill Vill

Two types of tile, two strong colours.

Visualizer: Zarysy

Dampen down bright red bathroom walls with a grey ceiling and grey floors. Natural wood tone also helps to balance out the vibrancy.

Visualizer: Duet Design Group

Glam up red furniture with golden hardware. This red and gold bathroom furniture has a high contrast teal background to amplify its colour.

Visualizer: Rina Lovko Studio

Make hero pieces stand out in more ways than one. The vanity unit in this white bathroom stands out not only because of its bright red colour, but because of its unique cantilevered design that cuts into the centre of the room.

Visualizer: Vladislava Torgonsky

In a shadowy red and black bathroom, red accents have an almost luminous effect.

Visualizer: Marco Podrini

Use colour to as a connective tool. Red siding on this shower unit becomes an integral part of the vanity unit, giving the bathroom layout better connection and flow.

Source: Famosa Tile

Rain ruby red from a skylight. The natural light from velux windows or a skylight will highlight the lustre of red mosaic tiles or a textured glossy red tile.

Source: Aquatica

Red as an earth tone. A muted red and brown bathroom feels laid back and natural, especially with some authentic timber elements to enhance it. Arrange indoor plants all around the bathtub to really get closer to nature. This red bathtub sits sensitively within the colour scheme, with just a white inner shell for a touch of freshness.

Source: Aquatica

Same red bathtub finish, different look. This elongated red tub is staged on a white marble platform, whilst red geo pattern dances across surrounding tiles. Light grey wainscot makes a sophisticated border.

Visualizer: CCI Renovations

Dont be hemmed in. You dont have to take your red feature wall all the way to the ceiling if the height is too overpoweringthis one levels out at the same height as the window on the opposite wall.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects

Dark red and dramatic. Dark red everything, with just a few black accents, makes a wonderfully moody setting. Light floor tiles prevent the look from becoming oppressive, despite the darkened ceiling.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova

Another dramatic red bathroom from the darker end of the scale, with a lighter floor to keep things airy.

Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Daria

Start and end your day in a work of art. Think photographic wall murals, graphic floor tiles and unique decorative mirrors.

Visualizer: Evgeny Zjuba

Go geo. Geometric tiles jostle for attention behind colour contrasting mirrors in this red and green bathroom. Red geometric pendant lights hover above a red bath.

Visualizer: Z.Design architecture

Carve out a red ensuite. This boxy red design visually separates the ensuite bathroom from the bedroom, without having an actual solid wall between the two at all.

Designer: Fadd Studio

Use strong red elements to balance out deeply patterned monochrome decor.

Designer: Tatyana Arkhipova

Another example of red vs deep pattern.

Designer: Cantoni

Rev up a red scheme with red bathroom accessories sets, and a unique bathroom sink.

A natural pebble floor makes a beautiful, and unexpected, accompaniment to a red bathtub.

Designer: 2B Group

Optical illusions. Besides the mind bending wall treatment here, a red floor tile has been employed to reflect strongly in the mirrored vanity cabinetvisually doubling the size of the room.

Visualizer: One Architects

Create a ravishing ensemble of russet red and copper.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kononenko

Another russet red decor bathroom, this time with blue contrast.

Visualizer: Daria Zinovatnaya

And one more.

Visualizer: Vladyslava Torhonska

Make plants into decor heroes by choosing planters that carry the colour of the room.

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