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Busy ay I!

Saturday 15th May 2021
Don't be afraid of making mistakes.

Another mist coat applied, it needed it and once I've put the top coat on later today, it's gonna be finished - yay.  I've glossed the old airing cupboard doors so I only have the skirting board and curtain rail holder to do and then it's project paint over and out, I can feel all the muscles in my back but thankfully I'm not in crazy pain, it's just that 'yep I've done some manual work' kind of feeling and that's quite a nice feeling.  My body has done so little for so long, it's good to be moving it again.  

I nipped over the road to the shops as I think it's important to support local businesses, got my tin of gloss from the hardware shop, then popped in Ashmore Carpet centre | Facebook (please go like their page, help them grow their business), I'd only nipped in for a look, but I'd got my measurements and asked him to give me a price for supplying and fitting, I honestly wasn't bothered about colour, just wanted something dark and nice on the feet cos I walk around barefoot all the time.  Ten minutes later, I'm booked in for Monday morning, a nice dark grey, that's my kind of shopping, no messing about, he was very helpful and easy to deal with. 

Two of my brothers lads popped round teatime and got my sofa back down, they said they'd have rather done another full days roofing, let's just say it wasn't easy to get down, it had been even harder to get up there, but we had to get that damn hospital bed in the living room that she refused to sleep in anyway, so it was pointless.   Just thinking of that bed brings back horrible memories and tears to my eyes, so let's move on, just one of the reasons, I want the living room and that bedroom to look completely different, so I can focus on the future and remember the good times, the memories I choose to hold on to.  

A busy day ahead for me, morning with Elle and some Owls, then the afternoon painting. It's all burning calories and helping me get my 8 hours sleep that's for sure.  Oh food, I ain't being great but I ain't being horrendous either, I had porridge in a cup for breakfast with a little agave syrup, lunch was amazeballs I have to say, Katsu burgers 236 calories each and vegan, I was really impressed, they were £1.80 introductory offer. 


And these were my tea, I love a french bread pizza, 230 calories each, if I had a regular pizza, it would be over 1,000 calories and I'd eat the lot so these are a bargain at 460.

I then had a crust later with some cheddar cheese dip on it, plus my wine but all that would've come in under 2,000 calories and I used 2,524 according to my fitbit yesterday, so I'm happy with that.  Work in progress. 

I'm off to get ready for my day, here's to a good un, gonna do a little bit of yoga first to set me up. 

Have a great weekend, mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx