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Why Should I Buy Oribel ?
Oribel starts life as a cosy baby recliner seat for nippers from 0-3 months. Then, when your child is ready to start independent feeding, you can use it as an early feeding chair. As well as this, following the butterfly principle, Cocoon becomes a beautiful and ergonomically designed Highchair to use until your child is around 3 years old. You get a unique food and cup holder Feeding Accessory as well which helps make this highchair stand out from the rest.
Phase 1: Adaptable Height And Recline
Cocoon has 6 adjustable heights and 3 recline positions. This means that you can use it next to the dining room table, whatever its height. Also, thanks to its adaptable height and recline positioning you can also use it next to the sofa, or in the kitchen before dinner is ready. This means that your baby can safely be with you wherever you are while they are having a snooze. The 5 point safety harness keeps your child nice and secure too.
Phase 2: Tray / Food Holder
When your baby starts their lifelong adventure with food, the Cocoon is perfect too. Your little one can use the tray for Feeding themselves. Plus, why not use the bottle and food holder Feeding Accessory to help with weaning instead?
Phase 3: Wide Surface
Once your child is more adept at feeding you can use the tray to span the seat. Your baby then has a clean and tidy tray plus a removable top tray to rest their plate and bowl on. The maximum height of the tray table extends to 32 inches or 76 cm.
Phase 4: At The Dinner Table
Finally, as your child is able to sit and eat more independently, use Oribel Cocoon Highchair as a sturdy seat and let your nipper join in at the dining table. Change the height of the seat to fit wherever you want it to.
This encourages good sitting posture and lets your child socialise with the family. The maximum weight the Cocoon highchair can hold is 44 lbs or 20 Kg. The maximum height of the seat is 26 inches or 66 cm. The tray can be raised up to 32 inches or 81.5 cm from the floor. The tray reaches the standard kitchen counter at 36 inches or 91.5 cm.
Easy To Clean And Fold
Last but not least, the Cocoon is so easy to clean with its EVA, moulded seat made of just one piece. Wipe it down with a cloth then, store the magnetic tray on the back legs until next time. Its freestanding, foldable design also means you save space when not using this highchair. Over all, if you want the full range of features to enjoy the most complete highchair you can imagine then this is the one to choose.