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The internet may be considered one of the wonders of our modern world. Not only has it allowed for information to be distributed faster and more easily, but it has also greatly reduced the energy required to distribute information and services.

Mailing Service

The wise usage of the internet can reduce or eliminate many of the unnecessary physical services. Sending information via mail can now be done instantly though email services rather than the conventional way of sending mail. Even better, working with email will not leave any carbon footprint on the environment. Lately, many postal services keep track on the level of CO2 emissions associated with mail transportation and from the requirements to run their facilities.

Besides the transportation of mail, there is also the deforestation problem. Deforestation is happening on a large scale in order to meet the ever growing demand of paper. In contrast, virtual “paper” is limitless and does not leave any impact on the environment.

Digital Goods

The distribution of some goods is also much easier. One industry that has greatly benefited from the internet is the gaming industry. A while back, one would have to wait until the newest game release could be found in their local gaming shop. This is no longer the case, as distribution of video games is now much simpler with online services such as Steam or GOG. While it is hard to pinpoint the exact time when digital distribution will replace physical ones, some estimate that the year 2022 would probably be a possibility.

Physical distribution of video games consume a lot of energy. From the fabrication of disks, cartridges and cases followed by transportation required to reach your local shelf. The internet has also been beneficial for the casino industry, as many of them are now available online. There is no denying that a casino establishment consumes a lot of energy. Besides the general comfort provided for guests such as heating and air conditioning, there are also many machines found in casinos which consume a lot of electricity.

Gaming Alternatives

Lately, many casino establishments are looking to become more eco friendly and are making great efforts to ensure that their CO2 footprint is smaller on the environment. The online environment has also helped in this regard. Because many of the games can be found online, people are no longer required to travel to these establishments and the games can be enjoyed from their home. And so, the negative impact from transportation is greatly reduced.

Slot machines occupy a lot of space, sometimes an entire floor of a casino. This is due to the fact that they are the most played type of casino games and many people enjoy them. A similar situation can be found in online casinos, except that space is not an issue. GameTwist Online for example, has a large number of slot games available on their website that people can choose to play.

On casino websites, you will have access to poker games, roulette and a large number of free slots of which you can choose to play.  You will be able to play all of these different types of games. For convenience each type of game is placed in their respective category for easier navigation. Since many people consume media on their mobile phones, there is also an app version of the casino for Android and iOS. The casino app itself is like a package that contains most of the games found their website.

This is more convenient than having an entire floor of a casino filled by slot machines and other table games. And by having the games available on your phone, there is no longer the need for people to physically travel to land-based casinos to enjoy the games. Less traveling will result in less pollution and less energy consumption for transportation.

Preparing for the Future

The internet may not solve many of the environmental issues but it can clearly be used to reduce the impact of some industries. As mentioned, the physical mailing service can be completely replaced with the digital counterpart and the gaming industry itself will reach a point where their products will be only digitally distributed. As time passes, many industries are becoming aware of the challenges that we face regarding climate change and are many are taking the necessary steps to reduce the negative impact that they have on the environment.