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GE Refrigerator Reviews - What's New in 2020, Top 5 Fridges & More

Anyone could survive days, weeks, and months without a car or TV, but not a refrigerator. Refrigerators are as crucial as the air we breathe; they are our run-to kitchen aid for food storage, food preservation, and many more. For most families, they serve as a family notice board.

Due to their resourcefulness, there are a bunch of refrigerators flooding the market every day, which makes it difficult to make a good pick. Over the years, families have trusted GE Appliances for their refrigerators and kitchen needs.

And so, in this article, well help you quit the rigorous search of a befitting refrigerator by showing you the five best GE refrigerators you can find in the market. Besides, there are lots of other valuable knowledge youll be armed it. Are you ready? Lets take a ride.

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What is the Difference Between GE, Profile and Cafe Refrigerators?

GE Appliances, with its headquarters in Kentucky, is a major home appliance manufacturing brand with about 100 refrigerator models. With over 125 years of experience, GE Refrigerators are known for their innovative features, impressive design styles, and reliability.

GE Appliance come in 3 major series the regular GE series, the Profile series, and the Cafe series.

The regular GE series refrigerators are equipped with basic refrigerator features and are affordable. The Profile series pack extra features that make them more reliable and a little bit pricy. The Cafe series are high-end refrigerators with premium features. Its for sure worth the extra dollars.

Are GE Refrigerators Good?

There are several essential factors you need to consider before buying a refrigerator. These have been treated in detail in our previous blog post.

GE refrigerators, being a dependable brand, eliminates the need to look at some of the factors which are covered by all their products. However, we will take a brief look at two of these factors before delving into the ones relevant to the topic.

1. Reliability

The last thing you would expect from a refrigerator is for it to break down barely a year after purchase. This is exactly why reliability is a top factor you need to consider when buying a refrigerator. But in the end, a refrigerator is just as reliable as the brand name.
Fortunately, GE Appliances is one of the most reliable refrigerator brand names in the country alongside Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and unknown others. This means you are better off buying a refrigerator from a popular brand than from a brand.

2. Temperature Control

This is the first of the important factors to consider when buying a GE refrigerator. How good the refrigerator works depends on three components the compressor, the evaporators, and the steel backplates. These determine four important refrigerator qualities:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Filtration
  • Air Flow

Good refrigerators always maintain a uniform temperature inside the box. They are also designed to withstand ambient temperature swings. Most GE refrigerators have upfront and easy-to-use temperature controls that allow you to select your desired temperature.

GEs Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings help to speed up cooling when needed. For food items such as fruits and vegetables that require maximum preservation, you need refrigerators that can optimally control humidity, air filtration, and airflow.

GE Appliances GFD28GSLSS is equipped with two-humidity controlled drawers for this purpose.

3. Water Dispenser & Ice Maker

Nearly all GE refrigerators come equipped with water dispenser and ice maker. In fact, GE Appliances has an edge over other brands because they are designed to provide more than enough ice for the user.

The GFD28GSLSS, for example, comes with an optional 2nd ice maker to ensure you do not run out of ice accidentally. The water dispenser also has an LED dispenser light to guard against overfill, door alarm, and a water filter indicator light.

The PYE22PSKSS dispenses ice cubes and crushed ice, while the PSS28KSHSS makes ice 50% faster than other models. The PYE22PSKSS is also very remarkable because it also packs a Keurig K-Cup Brewing System for beverages. But unlike some high-end LG refrigerators, GE refrigerators do not make craft ice.

4. Interior Design

Your choice of refrigerator based on interior design depends on your taste and home needs. Do you want to store more small items and need sliding shelves that create space?

Do you need to be store high-velocity everyday items without letting valuable, cool air out? Do you need more natural light inside the box?

GE refrigerators all have certain unique interior features. The PSS28KSHSS, for instance, comes with multilevel drawers, glass freezer shelves, and adjustable door bins to create more space. The GFD28GSLSS has a door in door feature for high-velocity items, and the GDE21ESKSS comes with a sliding drawer.

What are the Popular Styles and Sizes of GE Refrigerators?

Door Design

GE Appliances refrigerators come in various models with varying door designs. Based on this, we can classify them into four categories:
French Door
Side by Side
Bottom Freezer
Top Freezer

French door refrigerators have the refrigerator portion on top of the freezing compartment. The refrigerator portion is covered by two doors that swing outward from the middle. French doors are often associated with luxury and, as such, carry higher prices than similar models with different door designs.

Just like the name suggests, side by side refrigerators has two doors as well, with each door covering either of the freezer and the fridge. Most of the GE side by side refrigerators have their freezer on the left side. The style sometimes creates space and storage problems and is usually less expensive than others.

The top freezer has its freezer on top of the fridge portion, while the bottom freezer has its own below the fridge. They are usually the most spacious refrigerators with the bottom freezer models a little more expensive than the top freezer ones.

Installation Style

All refrigerator types are either Seamless Counter-Depth or Large Capacity, Standard Depth Models. Your choice totally depends on how you want your kitchen to look. Thankfully, GE Appliances allows you to choose the size of refrigerators that would work for your kitchen.

The bodies of counter-depth models are designed to align with your kitchen cabinet front edges. This gives your kitchen a streamlined look. The full-depth models stick out of the cabinets and offer more space.

The average 36" wide GE refrigerator has a counter-depth size of 21-23 cubic ft. and a full-depth size of 27-29 cubic ft. People sometimes wrongly size their cabinet space when buying refrigerators. This is a very important factor to consider, especially if you prefer a streamlined kitchen cabinet.


Finally, you may want to consider the color of the refrigerator before purchasing it. This is very important if you are looking to match your kitchen cabinet color. You can also go for other colors depending on your taste.

Our top GE refrigerators mostly have a stainless-steel exterior. This idea is to match most kitchen cabinets and also make it easy to clean.

Some other models, like the GTE15CTHRWW, however, have an elegant white color. There are models in black slate, matte black, matte white, and black stainless steel.

Do GE Refrigerators Have WiFi Connectivity? Is There an App?

Connectivity features are mostly present in high-end refrigerators and improve the sense of luxury at home. Depending on your need and desire, you can go for refrigerators that track what is inside or can be controlled using voice.

The most outstanding GE refrigerator in this category is the PYE22PSKSS. It is Wi-Fi enabled and connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It can be voice-controlled or tracked using the GE Kitchen App.

Are GE Refrigerators Energy Efficient?

You will definitely appreciate a refrigerator that saves you a couple of hundred bucks in energy bills per year. This is one feature that older refrigerator models lack. GE Appliances are energy efficient and offer a less environmental impact. In fact, the ENERGY STAR series are known to surpass federal energy efficiency requirements.

5 Best GE Refrigerator Models

Before we reviewed these refrigerator models, we had a hard time deciding which factors will weigh more than the others. GE Appliances has great refrigerators models in each series and style.

Each comes with unique features that set it apart from the others. We considered reliability, quality, comfort, pricing, and the unique features they carry. Here are the top 5 GE Refrigerator Models in the market.

1) Best for Budget: GE GTE16DTNRWW Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Replaces the discontinued GTE15CTHRWW

Product Place Holder

The Energy Star rated GTE15CTHRWW used to be our top pick of the GE top-freezer refrigerator models. It has also been consistently rated as the most dependable refrigerator other reporting agencies since 2016.

As of December 2019, GE Appliances no longer manufactures the GTE15CTHRWW. The company replaced the model with GTE16DTNRWW, which is slightly larger at 15.6 Cu. Ft..

Besides the reliability, the GTE16DTNRWW has easy-to-use temperature controls. This allows you to select your desired temperature range for your food. The refrigerator comes equipped with LED lighting, and the moveable racks make it easy to pack and arrange food items in the refrigerator.

The GTE15CTHRWW comes with adjustable freezer shelves that make it easier to fit in items. The clear drawers make finding and monitoring items easy too. The refrigerator also has a large storage space by the door, which can accommodate large containers.

The GTE16DTNRWW exceeds federal energy efficiency requirements, making it one of the most efficient refrigerator models in the market. This saves you some money in energy bills. The models high gloss white color make the outer surface and appearance easy to clean too.

2) Best Bottom Freezer: GE GDE21ESKSS

30-inch 20.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Product Place Holder

In the bottom-freezer category, the GDE21ESKSS comes out as our best GE refrigerator. Besides the basic refrigerator fittings, there are other features we found interesting.

The GDE21ESKSS is armed with an advanced water filtration system that removes 98% of trace chemicals and pharmaceuticals from water and ice. Well, if you think that is really cool, you will find the models automatic factory-installed ice maker amazing.

When it comes to storage and space, the GDE21ESKSS is 30-inch wide and has a sliding drawer that enables you to create more space to fit in items. There are food shelves, drawers, and bins, for storing and proper arrangements.
The model makes use of a multi-flow air system for better temperature management. The upfront easy-to-use temperature controls allow you to choose accurate temperature levels for your items.

If you are looking for a bottom-freezer temperature which is easy to operate, reliable, and gives you more than enough space, we recommend the GDE21ESKSS.

3) Best Side by Side GE Refrigerator: PSS28KSHSS

36-inch 28.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Product Place Holder

The Profile Series PSS28KSHSS easily comes out tops on our list of best side-by-side GE refrigerators. Just like the GDE21ESKSS, the PSS28KSHSS has an advanced water filtration system that removes 98% of trace chemicals.
The model is equipped with an Arctica ice maker that holds as much as 10 lbs. of ice and creates ice 50% faster than other refrigerators in the category.

The PSS28KSHSS comes fitted with multilevel drawers, glass freezer shelves, and adjustable door bins. These features make it easier to arrange food items properly for space. The temperature management system is controlled by 4 electronic sensors and a short air tower with easy-to-use, accurate controls.

Unlike the GDE21ESKSS and the GTE16DTNRWW, the PSS28KSHSS is equipped with a dispenser for chilled water, ice cubes, and crushed ice. The dispenser features include a door alarm and child lock for safety purposes. The refrigerator also has angled LED lighting that illuminates the entire freezer and fresh food compartment.

The PSS28KSHSS is a remarkable refrigerator that is very great, especially for people that require a steady supply of ice cubes. Currently, the model is Consumer Reports top-rated side-by-side refrigerator.

4) Best GE French Door Refrigerator: GFD28GSLSS

27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator, Door In Door Style

Product Place Holder

GE French doors are built to give your kitchen a luxurious look, and the GFD28GSLSS provides that and more. It has a door-in-door design that grants you quick access to everyday items like snacks and drinks.

The refrigerators icemaker is placed at the door and has integrated bins that create extra storage space. There is also an optional second icemaker placed in the freezer that comes in handy when you need a steady supply of ice.

The GFD28GSLSS has an advanced water filtration system that makes use of the RPWFE replacement filter to remove 98% of trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice. The model is also equipped with TwinChill evaporators, which maintain separate climates in the freezer and fresh food section always.

As a plus, the GFD28GSLSS packs extra features that include Wi-Fi connectivity, door alarm, ice dispenser, and electronic temperature display.
The GFD28GSLSS lacks the hands-free autofill feature that is present in some other GE door-in-door models but manages to come out ahead of others in the category.

5) Best Overall GE Refrigerator: PYE22PSKSS

36-inch 22.2 Cu. Ft. Smart Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

Product Place Holder

The Profile Series PYE22PSKSS is the overall best GE refrigerator in our list. The attached Keurig K-Cup Brewing System is the first feature, among others, that sets it apart from other refrigerators.
The model uses the counter-depth installation style, which makes it fit perfectly into your kitchen layout and amplifies the general outlook.

Perhaps, the most impressive feature of the PYE22PSKSS is its smartness. It is equipped with ConnectPlus Wi-Fi system that allows you to control the refrigerator with your voice. Theres also the GE Kitchen app with which you can schedule hot water for brewing tea or coffee.

Just like the GFD28GSLSS, the PYE22PSKSS has an advanced water filtration system that uses the RPWFE filter to remove trace pharmaceuticals. It is also equipped with TwinChill evaporators for separate climates in the freezer and fresh food compartment. Theres also the showcase LED lighting, the door alarm, and the external digital temperature display.

The Profile series ENERGY STAR PYE22PSKSS is a high-end refrigerator with premium pricing. But it surely complements a luxurious lifestyle and offers good value for money.


GE Appliances refrigerators are known for their reliability, good quality, and innovative features. This is reflected in all their refrigerator models in the market. They have great longevity and all have at least a 1-year company warranty.

In our review, we looked at reliability, energy efficiency, user comfort, extra features, and pricing in that order before we ranked the refrigerators. The Profile series PYE22PSKSS easily beats the other models to become our #1 GE refrigerator model. This is thanks to its smartness, Keurig K-Cup Brewing System, and other cool features.

The other refrigerator models in our list are our top picks in their categories and also have great features. Before you finally settle for the GE refrigerator to buy, we recommend you go through our buying guide and also consider your budget. You can always get good GE refrigerators and proper guidance at Designer Appliances, your authorized retailer.

Stay cool, always!


Where are GE refrigerators made?

Most GE refrigerators are made in GE's Appliance Park facility in Louisville, Kentucky.