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You can perform a plethora of activities with your friends & family. However, one thing that the majority of people neglect is how they will carry things to the beach. The technology has created beach carts for such purpose.

However, finding one that suits your requirements isn’t easy. Our team understands that concern & that’s why created this guide of top 10 best beach carts in 2019. Have a close look at each of them & then choose one that suits your needs best.
List of Top Best Beach Carts Review 10. Ollieroo Outdoor Utility Wagon Folding Collapsible Cart

The Ollieroo Outdoor beach cart comes with a unique type of wheels that are pretty wide and can be rotated easily in any direction. It makes it easier for everyone to move the car on the sand.

It equipped with a storage bag that can be cleaned easily without any inconvenience.

One can pull the cart easily on the beach due to its long handle. Comes in a collapsible design that occupies low space You can easily rotate it in any direction.
Some complaints about loading capacity by the users 9. dbest Products Trolley Dolly Basket Beach Carts Wheels

This Dolly Basket Beach Cart is a popular option among the people due to its simplicity. It comes with a vibrant yellow basket weave that can turn out to be pretty handy.

Furthermore, it has large wheels that make it capable of supporting up to 110 pounds.

Cushion handle allows you to move the cart without putting any pressure on the joints. This beach cart is very easy to maintain. Move on tough terrains easily.
The design is too simple 8. Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Folding Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Collapsible is a versatile product that can use at home as well as a beach with ease. It has adequate space for holding the majority of your gears and supplies.

This product made from heavy duty frames that can carry weights up to 150 pounds.

Equipped with adjustable handle & mesh, cup holders, Can be cleaned easily without any difficulty Price is quite affordable for everyone
Cover material made from an average material 7. TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon Cart

TimberRidge Folding is one of the best beach carts that can also use for shopping and garden. It comes with large oversized wheels making it stable on the majority of terrains.

Also, the cart is easy to set up due to its durable material and sturdy construction.

Capable of holding up to 150 lbs. quite easily Pretty handy for camping Amazing construction
Little bit bulky beach cart 6. Rio Brand Deluxe Wheeler

The Rio Brand Deluxe is a standard cart that can hold up to 100 pounds of weight without any difficulty. It is one of the best beach carts having a stroller type handle and a handy neoprene grip.

Overall, it is an exceptional product that equipped with a bottom tray, rack, and an umbrella holder.

Equipped with a removable tote bag that can be pretty handy. Ability to carry up to four beach chairs Comes in a separate holder for the umbrellas
Front wheels made from a low-quality material 5. Mac Sports Heavy Duty All Terrain Beach Cart

If you are looking for a heavy-duty beach cart that can accommodate up to 150 pounds, then the Mac Sports Heavy Duty is the best option. It comes with an adjustable handle that makes it easier for moving from one place to another.

This product is perfect for plenty of other activities that include outdoor sporting events, picnics, and concerts.

It has a larger capacity that allows it to hold lots of items quite conveniently. The adjustable handle makes it easy to transport anywhere Equipped with extra-large wheels for hauling gears easily.
This beach cart is a little bit difficult to setup 4. Mac Sports SPK-100

If you are looking for a versatile product that can use for a variety of purposes, then buy the Mac Sports SPK-100. It has a weight capacity to hold up to 150 lbs. without any difficulty.

It equipped with a flip-out table having cup holders that can turn out to be handy for many occasions.

High capacity to hold items Capable of folds for only 10 inches thick Available in two different colors that give an extra choice to the people
Some noise created by the product’s tires 3. Leopard Outdoor Folding Roomy Sports

Leopard Outdoor is one of the best beach carts that made from durable 600 denier polyester material. It has the sturdy construction of steel frame having high-quality wheels. It is fully assembled & pretty easier to fold.

In addition to beaches, this product can be used to carry camping equipment, beach chairs, and gardening tools.

Can be assembled easily without any adjustments Adequate space for including pets in the cart Equipped with fitted cover
The latest product in the market has fewer reviews 2. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding

There is no doubt that MacSports Heavy Duty is one of the best beach carts that you can find in this list. It is a high-quality cart that can be a perfect option for hauling a great number of gears.

There are two mesh cup holders and extra space for holding beers and a water bottle.

Lots of parking space in the cart Equipped with two cup holders that are pretty easy to use Can be adjusted easily without any difficulty
Beach cart is a little bit bulky 1. Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart, Big Wheel Beach Carts

One of the most comfortable beach carts that can hold up to 165 pounds quite easily. It is a robust and user-friendly cart that comes with a tubular steel frame that offers extra protection.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable telescopic handle that allows you appropriate height.

Equipped with large pneumatic tires Easily absorb shocks & vibrations The weight of this cart is only 18 lbs.
Some complaints about its wheels getting flat on the road Buying Guide For Beach Cart
These are the points to compare before picking out the best beach cart for you:
Before selecting a beach cart, you must determine the purpose of buying the product. For instance, if you want to keep more than one beach chairs, umbrella and other gears in your beach cart, then it is better to opt for a large cart. Some people like to have their carts compact in size, for accommodating smaller objects. So, the choice totally depends on you, which cart size you need. However, many people want their carts to be versatile, so they can use them from traveling or shopping purposes.
The carts are not only available in different sizes, but also, they come with several wheel sizes. Many carts come along with large wheels. These wheels are sturdier than the wheels with smaller diameters. However, the beach carts with large wheels are easy to maneuver. Most of the cases, the manufacturers offer polyurethane wheels, as these are very much durable. Apart from that, you can keep an eye of the carts with knobby wheels in the place of the wheels with excess spokes. The knobby wheels help you to glide on the sand with ease.
The handles are the pivotal parts of any cart, as the handles are the main parts which offer direct contact to your body. You need to push or pull the handles as per the models you choose. But it is better to look for a cart which comes with easy to operate handles to keep your hands comfortable. Many models come along with adjustable or retractable handles, so you can adjust the length of the handle as per your need. It is better to look for a handle which does not easily break.
Frame Construction:
Mainly, the manufacturers of these carts offer two types of framing, one is plastic, and the other one is metal. According to the price range, the plastic carts are cheaper than the metal ones. If you want your cart to be long-lasting then it is always suggestible to go for the metal frames. The plastic ones with high-price range are better than the cheaper ones. However, it is preferable to invest in metal ones than plastic ones.
Material And Weight Bearing Capacity:
The carrying area of the carts is one of the most important factors you should not avoid. The carrying case is the ultimate space where you store all of your gears. So, you should look for a cart which comes with high-quality fabric construction with mesh layering. The breathable layer helps to keep your small items in well-maintained condition. Most of the carts come up with a moderate to heavy weight bearing capacity. You must select the cart as per the quantity of the items you want for shifting or carrying items.
Compartments And Additional Storage:
Most of the wagon and upright-style carts come with several large compartments, so you can organize and carry a few items with no difficulty. Some of the models come with a few additional storage pockets with zipper or Velcro closure to store a few small knickknacks.

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