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The most convenient way to feed them would be with the help of a baby high chair. Baby high chairs make it extremely easy for us to make the child sit at one place and feed them. The height of the chairs also makes it convenient to feed so that you do not have to bend down each time to feed your little toddler. However, choosing the perfect and best high chair for your baby is a difficult task. It mainly depends on age, height, weight and other individual requirements for the baby and yourself. So, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of ten best baby high chairs that are best in the market.
List of Top 10 Best Baby High Chairs and Booster Seats in India
Here are the top 10 baby high chairs that you can plan for.
1. Babyhug Fine Dine Highchair
The Babyhug fine dine highchair is a foldable highchair for small spaces. This is one of the best high chairs for toddlers of the age of 6 months and up to 3 years.

Product Description
This highchair contains a five-point safety harness that keeps your toddler safe and secure. The highchair comes with an adjustable height feature for your greater convenience and personal customization. It also contains a removable food tray with a cup holder. The seat consists of multiple reclining positions for the comfort of the child. The caster wheels with locks prevent the chair from moving. The exclusive anti-slip feature provides for the complete safety of your child.
2. Fisher Price Clean N Go Booster
This booster from Fisher-Price is a quick-clean and conveniently portable booster for children between the age of 6 to 24 months. The booster can be securely strapped to any kind of furniture are home and elsewhere.

Product Description
The product contains a built-in fast finder wipes dispenser that makes it an easy to clean chair. The Sure Grip spot on the dishwasher-safe feeding tray prevents plates, bowls and snacks from slipping. It is foldable and contains a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry.
3. LuvLap 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat
The LuvLap high chair is a 4 in 1 high chair that can be used as a high chair, low chair, booster seat on chair and booster seat on the floor.

Product Description
It consists of a 3 point safety harness that keeps your toddler safe always. It contains a 3 position adjustable food tray that can be customized based on the comfort of the child. The sturdy metal legs are removable and the chair can be converted into a booster seat based on your discretion. The seat is comfortable, easy to maintain and is also removable and washable. Since the backrest is foldable for compact storage, this is the best space saver high chair.
4. Chicco Booster Seat with 3 Height Positions Mode Mars
With a carrying capacity of 15 kg, Chicco booster seat can be altered into 3 different heights based on the requirement.

Product Description
The food tray is adjustable and removable which makes it convenient for toddlers. The seat has padded lining with trendy pattern prints. Chicco booster seat is safety tested and approved by most European laboratories.
5. Mee Mee 2 in 1 Infant and Toddler Booster Seat
Mee Mee booster seat is one of the top-rated baby chairs in the market. This infant baby chair is well suited for toddlers from 6 months to 3 years of age.

Product Description
It comes with 2 in 1 Booster seat with 3 point safety harness. It serves the dual purpose of infant chair and booster seat. It is very light in weight that makes it convenient to carry. It is made of a simple ergonomic design. It has an adjustable seat with 3 levels of height. The anti-skid base prevents the chair from skidding in any circumstance. The adjustable safety belt ensures safe of the kid at all times.
6. 1st Step High Chair
This adjustable highchair from 1st Step is a comfortable high chair with a meal tray and footrest.

Product Description
The lightweight design makes it easily transportable. The seat is highly comfortable with a convenient backrest. The meal tray and footrest are made of durable material for long term usage and protection against wear and tear. The 5 point safety harness features take care of your child’s safety. The high chair foldable and can be easily stored.
7. R for Rabbit Marshmallow the Smart High Chair
Although a costlier choice than the other ones, R for Rabbit Marshmallow The Smart highchair is worth the cost.

Product Description
It comes with 3 recline positions, 7 level adjustment heights and a 5 point safety harness.  Marshmallow is EN14988 Safety Certified highchair defined by European Standards for baby high chairs. The smart folding functions help fit the chair in most compact spaces. The optimal and ergonomic backrest design makes seating highly comfortable for your little child.
8. Babyhug Foodjoy High Chair
Babyhug Foodjoy highchairs are a premium range of highchairs that come with almost all important features required in a highchair.

Product Description
The smart folding function makes it suitable for storage in a very limited space possible. It can be folded and stored away easily. 5 point safety harness feature helps keep your toddler safely fastened and convenient always. Optimal back-rest design of the high chair provides the most suitable posture angle & adequate padding to make your child sit comfortably without uneasiness. The adjustable and removable meal tray makes it extremely convenient for adjusting the position of the child according to the dining table. This is the best highchair for big babies.
9. Syga Baby High Chair With Padded Seat
The Syga baby highchair is one of the most affordable highchairs of high quality.

Product Description
They come with padded seats,  adjustable height tray, a dining tray, 4 height position reclining seat, they are foldable for compact storage and have a highly convenient footrest for the comfort of your toddler. They are also high chairs with certified 3 point safety harness for the safety of your child.
10. Fab N Funky Wooden High Chair With Safety Belt
These highchairs resemble traditional highchairs but are of very high built quality.

Product Description
Their one hand foldability feature makes them convenient to fold and thus store in a compact space. They are sturdy, robust and are also eco-friendly. They come with a removable and adjustable food tray. Their comfortable footrest and 3 point safety harness makes them one of the best choices of highchairs in the market.
FAQs 1. What to Consider when Buying High Chair?
The following are the features to be considered when buying a baby highchair,
A convertible highchair which can be used as a highchair, a low chair or even as a booster seat Reclining seats for baby’s comfort 3 point or 5 point safety harnesses Adjustable footrest Removable food tray Foldable highchair for easy and compact storage The ease of cleanability
The other factors to consider while buying a highchair are the space you can afford to store your highchair, the age of the toddler, the weight of the toddler and even sometimes the design of the highchair also matters.
2. Do I Need a Highchair for My Newborn?
Newborns are generally very proactive and thus tend to keep moving here and there. In such scenarios feeding them becomes a tedious task. Highchairs help in making the child sit and one place and conveniently feed that both your ease and theirs. Since highchairs help position the child at a certain suitable height, there is no requirement for you to stoop below to feed your little toddler. This way highchair becomes a necessary part of the growth of a child. However, the other factors to be taken into consideration are the affordability. Highchairs sometimes can prove to be costly enough for you to be not able to afford,  in which case there are options such as booster seats that are cheaper than highchairs.
3. At What Age Can Baby Sit on a Booster Car Seat?
Baby car seats can be used for children of 6 months to about 3 years of age. As far as the weight is concerned they can be used for children weighing above 22 pounds.
4. How Long Can Babies Stay on Highchairs?
This entirely depends on the toddler. Babies can sit on highchairs as long as they are comfortable doing so.
5. What the Different Types of Highchairs?
Traditional Highchairs, Versatile Multifunctional Highchairs, 3-in-1 Highchairs, and Travel HighChairs. Traditional highchairs are also known as standard highchairs. They are traditional in that they are made of either of wood or steel and come with a non-adjustable single height.

These highchairs come at a higher price than the traditional highchairs. They come with additional features such as foldability and height adjustments.

These highchairs are convertible ones that can be used as for three functions namely the highchair, low chair and as booster seats. They are perfect for growing infants and can be used for a longer period of time.

These highchairs are easily portable and can be transported from one place to another for your convenience. They are used during holidays for better convenience of feeding the child.
6. What Safety Features Should I Look for in a Highchair?
Safety becomes a critical aspect when choosing a highchair. Following are the safety features to be considered when choosing a high chair,
Make sure the high chair legs are sturdy Make sure the high chair comes with a safety strap Look for BPA free material Check if there are anti-skid features Check if the wheels have locking features in case they are made of caster wheels Make sure the chairs support the weight of your toddler. 5 point or 3 point harness safety features are an additional plus 7. Can I Use Highchair before the Baby Starts Solids?
No highchairs are not recommended before the baby starts solids.

The list of best high chairs in the market and the relevant FAQs can help you make an informed choice before buying a highchair for your child. Highchairs are vital during the child’s growing years and it only makes sense to get one for both your comfort and the comfort of your little toddler. Check if you require a highchair, choose one from the list according to your options and make child-bearing a convenient and easy task.

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