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Oh influencers. It’s an odd job, a cool job, a semi-mysterious job, an often misunderstood job and a job that can blow up with internet with product recommendations, new fun finds and self-proclaimed “must haves” we never knew we needed.

Influencer Favorites

Though I’ll have companies I work with refer to me as an “influencer” from time to time, it’s a title I don’t really identify with all that much because, at my core, I feel like I am and always will be “just a blogger.” You guys know I have mixed feelings about social media and my role in it because I started blogging back before Instagram or TikTok even existed. I’ve embraced it but also given myself a free pass to approach Instagram from more of a  “hobby” perspective even though it is a really important part of my business these days. (More and more companies only want to collaborate through social media and I’m just over here like, “Long live blogs!! They’re the best!”) Blogging is my true love because of my love for writing, the ability to make meaningful connections with you guys and the decade-plus relationships I have with so many of you.

That being said, I DO follow a decent number of influencers who have parlayed Instagram into their primary jobs. They are ON IT and share Instagram Stories all day every day with links to so many products that sometimes I’m like, “Um, okay, enough, I need a break,” and other times I’m like, “Oh wait, that’s awesome… add to cart.” It’s a mixed bag, I’m tellin’ ya. And if you have mixed emotions about social media and the comparison trap and influencers, I’m right there with ya.

I could chat about the pros and cons of social media and influencers all day long but I’ve already rambled more than I intended and should probably get to the “meat” of today’s blog post! A month or so ago on Instagram I posted a question box asking you guys to submit your favorite influencer finds you’ve bought based on influencer recommendations that have lived up to the hype. Your responses were so interesting to read and I had a TON of you ask me to save the responses so if you’re curious, you may find them all in this highlight on Instagram.

I also had more than a few of you ask me to share my personal take on popular influencer finds I’ve purchased and ended up loving. Today’s blog post details the finds I couldn’t resist that have truly lived up to the influencer hype. I’d love to hear more about items you’ve bought and loved thanks to influencer recommendations in the comments section as well if you’d like to share!

My Favorite Influencer Finds

Tarte Shape Tape was hyped up by so many influencers as the “holy grail of concealers” but it wasn’t until I had a friend of mine in real life recommend it to me that I gave it a shot. The promise of “full coverage” had me worried it would look too cakey and unnatural but it’s a very buildable concealer that can give you light (but still thorough) coverage or very full coverage that adequately hides redness, dark spots, etc. I’ve been a fan for years and don’t see my love for this stuff waning anytime soon.

Gahhh talk about a WAY over-hyped brand! Barefoot Dreams blankets seemed to almost be a required item on influencer and blogger gift guides for a while there. But guess what? They’ve popped up on a bunch of my gift guides, too, because they majorly live up to the hype. Barefoot Dreams nailed the perfect blanket fabric and weight and the blankets are such a wonderful gift to receive and give because they’re soft, cozy and not too heavy, making them usable year-round. (I honestly travel with mine on road trips!)

I also love my Barefoot Dreams cardigan and wear it around the house when I don’t want to wear a robe and adore it because it is just so warm and lovely. It feels like a giant hug. And don’t even get me started on the Barefoot Dreams socks. I legit get giddy when I put a pair on my feet in the winter months. They somehow send a signal to my brain that it’s time to unwind and get cozy and warm because I know that when a pair of these sock go on my feet, I’m not going to leave the house anytime soon.

I resisted the Stanley tumbler HARD and then caved and found myself absolutely loving it. It’s officially my go-to tumbler for water these days and quickly became one of my most-used influencer finds. I think this tumbler has the hype it does because it checks so many boxes. It has a handle (a comfortable handle!), fits in a cup holder, keeps liquids cold or hot for a long amount of time and the rotating lid allows you to use it with a straw, without a straw or fully covered for travel. I have the 30 ounce size but it’s available in a 40-ounce size as well. Worth mentioning: Simply Modern recently came out with a less pricey version of this tumbler and I love it as well!

Branch Basics is highly recommended in the non-toxic/clean living corner of the internet and once I ordered the starter pack for myself, there was no turning back. I’ve been using Branch Basics since 2019 and swear by their concentrate for everything from laundry and all-purpose cleaning spray to foaming hand soap, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, window and glass cleaner and more. (It’s even safe enough to dilute and use as a wash for fresh produce. Crazy, right!?)

To use Branch Basics products, you simply pour the amount of concentrate noted on the bottle into the designated bottle (I love their glass bottles and the fact that they’re refillable!) and fill the rest with water. It could not be any easier and I always have the concentrate on hand so I never run out of cleaning products when I need them most. More benefits of the concentrate: It’s plant and mineral based, free of harmful preservatives, not tested on animals, human-safe and fragrance-free. (If you like a little scent in your cleaning, adding essential oils is always an option!) If you want to give it a try, my affiliate link will get you 15% off all starter kits (except for the trial kit).

My mom was ON IT and bought Ryder a subscription to these play kits before I heard a single influencer talk about them. It took exactly one delivery from LOVEVERY for me to rave about their play kits because the quality of the toys is unparalleled. The play kits contain some of the only toys we’ll be saving because they a wonderful for encouraging creative, imaginative play. Every single play kit we’ve received has been a hit with our boy! For those unfamiliar with LOVEVERY, the play kits include developmentally appropriate toys for babies and children (newborns to four-years-old) and I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone with young children.

Travel mirrors were one of those items I saw all over Instagram a while back and I figured one would come in handy on occasion. I initially used it when we traveled and thought it was so nice to be able to do my makeup outside of a small hotel bathroom. (It’s especially wonderful on girls’ trips when mirrors are a hot commodity!) These days, my travel mirror is something I use almost daily! I prop my travel mirror up on the kitchen counter and use it to do my makeup as the boys eat breakfast in the morning. (Note: I have the Vanity Planet travel mirror but this Amazon version has wonderful reviews and looks almost identical.)

When this influencer fav ELEMIS cleansing balm popped up on the Amazon Prime Day preview sale, I figured it was worth a try and added it to my cart. What finally convinced me? The application process just sounded so unique. To use this cleansing balm, you rub it all over your face and then use a damp wash cloth to wipe your makeup and the dirt of the day away. The whole process sounded oddly luxurious and relaxing and I’m happy to report that using this cleansing balm at the end of the day feels nourishing, hydrating and lovely. Applying the balm feels almost spa-like and as someone who finds washing my face kind of tedious, it’s nice to have a product on hand that I genuinely look forward to using at the end of the day. I still prefer my regular cleanser in the shower (this one or this one) but have been loving this for washing my face at the end of the day.

I first ordered this sunscreen during their spring sale a few years ago when a bunch of influencers were recommending it and was truly blown away. We are die-hard Supergoop fans in our house and use several of their products all year long. We especially love the Supergoop! Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50 and buy the giant 18-ounce size every spring since we go through SO MUCH sunscreen all summer long. I LOVE the pump that comes with the 18-ounce size because it makes applying sunscreen to three energetic kids a little easier. You may check out more of my Supergoop! favs in this post if you’re interested!

I know there are a million Amazon dupes out there for these leggings but in my opinion you cannot beat the original lululemon align leggings. The fabric is comfortable enough to sleep in and these leggings are a dream during pregnancy and the postpartum period of life. They’re still the leggings I reach for most often above all other leggings and majorly live up to all of the influencer hype. I first discovered them when I was pregnant with Ryder and there was no turning back! (Note: My favorite aligns are the super high rise align leggings you can only get online because they hit higher on my waist which I appreciate as someone with a long torso.)

The Nugget couch for kids was clearly beyond popular last year around the holidays because we could not find one in stock to order for our boys. After a little bit of research into competitors, I found the Foamnasium version from Pottery Barn Kids and it ended up being a slam dunk for our boys! The cushions from this couch are incredibly versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways. Our boys have used them to create forts, caves, obstacle courses, animal hide outs, reading nooks, race tracks with super-long ramps and more. They’re amazing for cultivating imaginative play and I cannot recommend them enough!

Also, it should be noted that the cushions can be removed and treated for any stains and messes. I have first hand experience with this and can say with confidence that the fabric is great for kids!

A little more than a year ago it felt like ILIA Beauty took over Instagram and clean beauty “must have” lists. The more I read about ILIA’s Super Serum Skin Tint, the more it seemed like a product I would love and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. There’s a learning curve with this product and once I actually read the application instructions (it applies lighter than you think you need and needs 30-60 seconds to absorb into the skin to adjust to its true color), I was sold. It feels amazing on my skin and is a beauty product I genuinely look forward to applying to my face both for the coverage and SPF but also for the fact that I feel like it’s improving my skin thanks to Hyaluronic Acids, plant-based Squalane, and Niacinamide that work together to even tone, soften fine lines and imperfections and plump the skin.

Question of the Day

Have you purchased something that an influencer recommended that lived up to the hype? Please share! 

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