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What is it?

The Monocarbon pen holder is a cup constructed of 100% genuine carbon fiber.

What’s in the box?

Like other Monocarbon products, the Monocarbon carbon fiber pen holder comes in a nice box in matte black with gold accents – perfect for gifting.  The cup was the only thing in the box.

Hardware specs

Size: diameter: 80mm, height: 120mm
Weight: 18g
Material: carbon fiber

Design and features

The design is simple – a cup.  The top is nicely angled.

The angle of the Monocarbon carbon fiber pen holder allows for taller and shorter items to coexist in the cup and still be easy to retrieve.

The overall look is sleek and high-tech.  The carbon fiber is visible inside and outside the cup.

The body of the cup is one piece of carbon fiber.  The seam is visible in the back.

The bottom is the second piece of carbon fiber.  It is glued to the body of the cup.


The Monocarbon carbon fiber pen holder holds things and does it with style.  The finish is top-notch and it just looks good. If you just held pens, you could fit a bunch in there.  We will use it to hold remote controls and writing instruments.  It looks great in our living room.

What I like

Good looks
Nice capacity

What I’d change

The glue connecting the bottom to the body is a little sloppy

Final thoughts

As pen holders go, the Monocarbon carbon fiber pen holder is a nice one. It would make a great gift for the tech nerd in your life with a desk that could use a little organizing. The carbon fiber finish is mesmerizing to look at and it really brings style to whatever surface it sits upon. Check out some of my other Monocarbon reviews including the Monocarbon carbon fiber rollerball pen which is the perfect companion to this pen holder.

Price: $39.90
Where to buy: Monocarbon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Monocarbon.

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