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holiday stresst relief gifts

The holidays are notoriously stressful, but there are ways to help yourself (or someone you love) relax enough to actually enjoy the festive moments. We rounded up some of the best stress relief gifts, to wrap up for friends and family, or to give yourself.

So even if you burnt the roast, still havent cleaned the bathroom or found a gift for cousin Johnand work is piling up before and during your holiday break, you still need to pack for that visit back home, and the kids are coming down with somethingdont despair.

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Take some time for self-care, and get a little help to soothe your racing mind, tired eyes, tense shoulders, stiff neck, weary feet, and all the rest of stressed-out you. Or put a bow on these for a fellow beleaguered human and give them the gift of a little breather this holiday season.

The stress-relief products below are looking mighty good to us right about now too.

Holiday Stress Relief Gift Pack, $24.24 on Etsy

Etsy aromatherapy balm

Hanna Herbals/Etsy

The holidays can be a headache, especially when theres family strife and theyre all going to be under one roof. But this duo of essential oil-infused balms aims to help you forget about that. The Headache Relief Blend combines eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, balsam fir, sweet birch, tea tree, thyme, clove, and cajeput essential oils and is meant to be rubbed on your forehead, back of your neck, and shoulders to soothe tension. The Zen Sleep Stick is a soothing floral-citrus balm intended to transport you to a calmer, more peaceful place. At the very least, youll smell great.Buy Now

The Republic of Tea Get Relaxed Tea, 36 bags for $12 on Amazon

Republic of Tea relaxing blend


This blend of organic rooibos tea laced with calming chamomile and passionflower plus the soothing aromas of rose and lavender makes for an especially relaxing tea thats a great bedtime drink. Its caffeine free, of course.Buy Now

Blue Handmade Pottery Mug, $36-$44 on Etsy

Etsy blue ceramic mug

Turtle Rok Pottery/Etsy

You probably have too many mugs crowding your cabinets already (perhaps another source of stress?), but do you have one this beautiful? Blue is considered a centering, soothing shade, so get rid of the old and make way for the new; this blue-green glazed stoneware mug will make you feel better before you even take a sip of its contents. It comes in three sizes depending on how much you tend to brew.Buy Now

Vinglac Wine Chiller, $89.95 on Amazon

Vinglace wine chiller


If wine is more your speed, youll want to keep it (like yourself) chill, and this stainless steel vacuum insulated wine bottle sleeve does just that. It promises to keep your wine or Champagne cold for hours, even if it might not take you that long to finish a bottle. Its great for keeping dinner party bottles cold too, instead of having to deal with melting tubs of ice on the table; one less thing to worry about always relives a little stress. So does the wine, of course.Buy Now

YnM Weighted Blanket, $59.90 on Amazon

weighted blanket


All the rage, weighted blankets are said to help relieve stress by putting you under (gentle) pressure, like youre getting a full-body hug. This is one of the more affordableyet still well-reviewedoptions, but if you want to get even cozier, look for ones with plush fabric covers like the Layla weighted blanket. Use them on your bed at night to help you get a good nights sleep, or lug them to the couch and cuddle up in front of your favorite feel-good movie. Cup of herbal tea (or glass of wine) on the side optional but highly recommended.Buy Now

Lavender Essential Oil By Sky Organics, $11.95 on Amazon


This organic, therapeutic French lavender oil (distilled by artisanal farmers in southern France) can be put in a diffuser or used in massage or in any manner of aromatherapy. This scent is considered one of the best for relaxing, and lavender is said to help relieve headaches and sleeping difficulties, which can be common this time of year.Buy Now

Jade Face Roller, $19.95 on Amazon

jade face roller


This may seem a little Goop-y and too good to be true (allegedly, it reduces wrinkles and improves the appearance of your skin), but even if its not a miracle product (nothing is), the sensation of rolling cool, smooth jade over your face is actually extremely pleasant. Its like a mini massage you dont have to pay for (well, only once). Use it to help relieve tension before it blooms into a headache, or soothe tired temples if its already too late for prevention.Buy Now

Calm: Make Today Your B*tch Adult Coloring Book, $8.98 on Amazon


If you express your irritation by swearing, this coloring book might just be perfect for you. Coloring in itself is meditative, and this book is filled withoff-color sayings such as Keep Calm and F*ck You and My Middle Finger Salutes You. These aggressive, offbeat, sort-of-inspirational quotes are paired with mean animals and relaxing scenes to both honor and help you work out your aggression as you shade them in. Now thats an adult coloring book. If youre not a wannabe sailor, though, you can find plenty of non-profane, intricately designed adult coloring books too.Buy Now

Neck Wrap & Eye Pillow Set, $27.50 on Etsy

Etsy neck and eye wraps

In Her Inner Peace/Etsy

Take a breather. For tight shoulders and a sore neck, heat this wrap up in the microwave and drape it around your neckor use it on your lower back or stomach. The eye pillow can be used as a warm compress or chilled in the freezer, and helps soothe headaches; relieve sore, puffy, or allergy-itchy eyes; or simply block out the light while you take a much needed moment or ten. These are filled with rice and flaxseed, and come unscented or with lavender or peppermint inside if you prefer.Buy Now

Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Soak Aromatherapy, $14.27 on Amazon


Sometimes you just need a good soak in the bath after a long day. These relaxing aromatherapy bath salts are formulated with eucalyptus and spearmint to provide comfort when you need it most. Add a few capfuls to warm running water, breathe in the aroma of the essential oils, and feel the days stress melt away.Buy Now

Laura Mercier Crme Brle Honey Bath, $42.50 at Nordstrom

Laura Mercier honey bath creme brulee


If you prefer bubbles, this luxurious bath cream is pure indulgence, much like the sweet dessert this particular caramel, vanilla, and musk scent is named after. Soak in the fragrant, foamy bubbles and feel your cares all drain away. At least for a little while.Buy Now

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Tray, $41.94 on Amazon

luxury bath tray


This extendable bath tray with convenient slots and spots for candles, toiletries, your tablet, and even a wine glass holder, lets you bring everything you need into the tub with you. Lock the door and take an hour or two to treat yourself to some peace and quiet.Buy Now

Ivation Multifunction Foot Spa Massager, $89.99 on Amazon


No tub? You can still place your weary feet in the lap of luxury, without the price of visiting a spa. This may not be much to look at, but the invigorating vibration encourages circulation and soothes sore feet while the motorized rollers target tired soles. Meanwhile, water jets create calming bubbles (basically a mini Jacuzzi), and you can add a few drops of essential oil to add an aromatherapy element. The water warms up to 122F to further relax you, and this gadget comes with a a brush, pumice, and acupressure pedicure attachments for when you have the energy to do a little more than just sit and soak.Buy Now

Womens Fuzzy Socks with Lace Trim, $28.99 on Etsy


A soft touch is definitely soothing, so the cozy feel of these cream-colored socks will go a long way. These cotton-crochet, lace-trimmed fuzzy socks are ideal for lounging at home, curled up on the couch by the fire with a good book and a furry friend. Theyre cute, comfy, and great to sleep in too. The socks fit shoe sizes 6 to 10.Buy Now

Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier, $15.99 on Amazon

Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifie


Aromatherapy mist may help reduce anxiety and encourage sleep (depending on what oils you use), but this humidifier can also be used without oils; the added moisture will help your skin and sinuses recover from the drying effects of colder weather. There are also 7 color options for a mood-boosting glow (including a few shades of calming blue), and programmable timer functions, plus an automatic shut-off when the water runs out. Set it to emit a continuous mist or intermittently.Buy Now

Buddha Board Water Painting Set, $34.95 on Amazon

Buddha Board water painting


Inspired by the concepts of mindfulness and letting go, this board and bamboo brush let you paint with wateryour brushstrokes create a soft, inky black image that slowly fades away. (So if you want to express some profane frustration, the evidence will be gone in no time, but thats not really the intended purpose. Still, we say, whatever makes you feel better.)Buy Now

Dark Chocolate Lavender Truffles, 16 for $13.95 on Etsy

Etsy lavender truffles

Xocolatl Chocolate/Etsy

If lavender is great in diffusers, aromatherapy balms, tea, and bath products, why not in truffles too? These rich chocolate confections will certainly give you a blissful moment, even if its not the lavender that does it. Perfect for those who still arent sure about CBD.Buy Now

21-Pack Sensory Fidget Toys, $15.99 on Amazon

sensory fidget toys


Why fidget with your jewelry or your clothing when you can fidget with toys specifically designed to give your hands something to do and help you decompress? This set includes several that you squish, stretch, or squeeze. Grab one the next time you have to make a call youre dreading, or just have a spare moment between holiday errands.Buy Now

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