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Its been said you can find almost anything on Amazon and we tend to agree. The online retailer already has plenty of programs that meet our household, grocery and personal needs, but hiding amongst the ordinary lie quite a few surprising and amazing products. Keep scrolling to see some of the most interesting and useful things we found on Amazon.

A Tiny House

Whether you're looking for a backyard retreat, in-law suite or a vacation home, you can find just what you need in the shape of a tiny home! With several sizes and styles to choose from, adding a mini mansion to your shopping cart has never been easier. For a cool $8,560, this Allwood Somersby Garden House can be all yoursfree shipping included!


Live Ladybugs

Kids love ladybugs? Or are you just trying to get your garden in check by ridding it of aphids and moths? Either way, Amazon sells live ladybugs and they are guaranteed to stay that way upon delivery! For just $15, you can snag 1,500 of these adorable bugs that are bound to make your kiddos and garden happy.

A Comfycup-The World's First Portable Public Transportation Cup Holder

Tired of having full hands on your daily commute? Whether you take the bus or train or bike into the office, the Comfycup has your back. The first portable public transportation cup requires no tools, is lightweight and installs in seconds. It's the $16.99 cup you didn't know you needed!

An Allowance

Amazon truly does have everythingincluding a system for doling out a family allowance! Using gift cards, customers can add balances to their family members accounts on a one-time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Currently available for kids 13 and older, Amazon Allowance is great for independence for shopping trips and helping to save for big purchases.


There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh guacamole but you can't always eat an entire batch in one sitting. Luckily, the Guac-Lock is here to keep that pesky browning at bay. Pack the container, use the attachment to push up the base and squeeze out excess air and enjoy brown-free guac whenever you want.


Winter brings lots of smelly and cold doggies, but the Puff-N-Fluff makes drying a breeze. Just pop your pup in the suit and attach your hairdryer to the hose to give your furry friend the total spa treatment. The genius contraption is also great for dogs who are scared of hairdryers!

House Cleaning

Rather than vet out tons of house cleaners to get your home spic and span, just trust Amazon Home Services! The online marketplace offers a deep cleaning service, and it couldn't be easier to book. Head to the link and enter the square footage of your home and if you'd like any extra services to get an automatic quote. Click "book an appointment" and select three preferred days and time slots and you'll be scheduled with a professional and Amazon approved cleaning service.

Shower Foot Rest

Shaving your legs in the shower always proves to be a dangerous fete, but no more! The Safe-er Grip Foot Rest simply suctions to your shower wall, providing that much-needed support when you don't have a built in ledge or stool. Who knew?

Gardening Claws

Why bother with a hand shovel or trowel when you can just dig in with your own Gardening Claws? Your unruly weeds have met their match when you slip on a pair of these Marvel-esque gloves that guarantee a fit like a second skin and claws that don't dare fall off.

Cheesy Finger Covers

Cheeto's have nothing on you-at least not when you've properly geared up with a set of Finger Covers. Whether you're trying to fully enjoy your fave snack or just trying to protect your fingers during meal prep, this three-pack of silicone, food-grade covers come in surprisingly handy.


Make your own drinking fountain at home with the Tapi! The BPA-free rubber slip-on contraption slides over most taps and with a simple squeeze turns any faucet into an instant fountain! Cut down on last minute "I need water" requests and senseless dirty cups. No promises that this fun gadget won't become a water squirter!

The Gift of Nothing

They said it, you listened. This thoughtful Gift of Nothing requires no extra wrapping and is perfect for friends and family who refuse to give you gift ideas.

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