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The Yeti Cup is by far one of the best insulated cups to take along when you are on the go, so how about a DIY paracord handle? I was always sticking my great Yeti Cup in my car cup holder and it fit properly, but would always feel awkward to pull out and drink from, so when I saw this easy cheap DIY Yeti Cup Handle made from paracord on Youtube I knew I had to make one immediately. The materials were cheap and easy to find at JoAnns Fabrics and you can always find a JoAnns Coupon online that saves you an additional 40%, so the entire project was under $5.00! I couldnt wait to get started.


  • 4 sections of 8 feet paracord (32 feet if you are doing 2 colors)
  • Scissors
  • lighter
  • Yeti (or other type of tumbler)


Take your paracord and start you beginning braid according to the step by step instructions in the video.

Make a Yeti cup handle out of Paracord

Then keep braiding until your braid is 32 inches long (33 inches including ends that you are going to tie).

Make a Yeti cup handle out of Paracord

Then tie both ends of your long braid together and make one long circle loop.

Make a Yeti cup handle out of Paracord

Then weave another braid in the middle of your joined loop and that will be your handle, your loop ends will fit around the areas of your cup that measured.

Make a Yeti cup handle out of Paracord

I love this Yeti Handle so much, it really makes traveling with my Yeti and being able to access my Yeti while driving so easy. The instructions in the video are very easy to follow, I just did each task and stopped and started being mindful of each step and it was super easy.

Ten Minute Paracord Yeti Handle

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