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1. As I cruise around town, stop off at the coffee shop and head to the library, I need a cup holder for my DRINK!  If you’re like me and love Iced Coffee, this cup holder is the ticket.  It will attach directly to your handlebars!  Soma Fabrications, $40.

2.Timbuk2 Bike Messenger Bag in pink! Love all of Timbuk2’s products, I have them in multiples. One for every occasion! Team Estrogen, $50.

3.  Most of us athletes these days have laptops and even though we can store them in our messenger bags, I think it’s always good to take an extra step to protect our most prized possession.  Here is one I found, but, I know there are many more that would be eco-conscious, simple and inexpensive (just can’t find at the moment)! eBags, $34.

4. Sport specific glasses for running and cycling can be very expensive.  I prefer (if money were no object) to have a pair for everyday and one pair for running.  The good ones will stay on your face no matter what, feel like you’re wearing nothing, and don’t fog up when you get sweaty.   My personal favs in this category are Rudy Projects and they start at $140, yikes!! Here are some stylish ones I found on the Team Estrogen site that are $59.

5. Gourmet, Imported Olive Oil.  This is a very GOOD choice for an athlete who enjoys any form of cooking.  I love to cook and I use olive oil daily.  So, here is the brand of choice: Fonte Di Foiano.  I have met the owners, sampled the oil and have savored it ever since.   It has made a huge impact on my cooking and appreciations for good olive oil! Fonte di Foiano Olive Oil, $26.

**Some other kitchen gadgets that would be really cool are rice cookers and the stone wear to cook salmon on or a pizza stone.
7. For the runner who needs to keep their head warm in winter, I recommend the SmartWool Cuffed Beanie and for runner doing long distances, this hat will hold your gels!  GasCap, $22.50.  Cuffed Beanie, SmartWool, $21,

8. Gift certificates:  Massage Therapy, Yoga Classes, or even an hour or two with a personal trainer!

9. Inspiring Poster to decorate your home gym space!

All Posters, $29

10.  If the athlete is a little nutty like me, new exercise equipment really gets me excited!  Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Yoga Mats, Specialty Yoga Towels, and Resistance Bands are all very good gifts!!

11. Finally, we athletes have a love affair with clothes.  Particularly clothes built for the athletic mom and their busy lifestyle!  Long sleeve, stylish, FITTED tee is a perfect gift.

Candid Top, Terry Bicycles $48,   Horny Toad, $58 Retail (Sale Code: SpreadtheWarmth 30%)

Giving is the best part of the holiday season, so enjoy it!

Thanks to all of you for reading this and feel free to ADD a link to any product you think is awesome as well!

P.S. As I sit here, I can think of lots more ideas such as a marathon plan, pedometer, jog bras, heart rate monitors, sneakers, memorabilia frames for medals, photos and bib numbers, etc….Please share YOUR ideas!!!

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