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But that is exactly what you get with the sophisticated and minimal Simmetria Space designed by Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura in Brazil. The interior is no more than just 80 square meters in area but it feels much larger thanks to the use of the neutral color scheme and the flood of natural light that illuminates every corner. It is the black and white color scheme that steals the show in here with every room embracing the idea of lack of color wholly.
Casual living room sofa placement adds to its style
Step inside and beyond the color scheme what you notice instantly is the iconic décor designed by Jader Almeida for Sollos along with other brilliant pieces. The living area sits right next to the dining space and a large plush sofa placed casually defines it along with the elevated floor. Even the dining area next to it feels ever so smart and polished and the dark dining table and chairs paint a picture of modern minimalism. Slim lighting fixtures and unique sconces lights along with pendants and recessed lights ensure that the house feels inviting at all times. [Photography: Eduardo Macarios]

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Decor designed by Jader Almeida steals the show inside the homeLiving room of Simmetria Space designed by Belotto Scopel Tanaka ArquiteturaMinimal and exquisite dining space in black and whiteMinimal lighting fixtures add to the style of the dining areaPolished and smart interior of the Simmetria SpaceRefined contemporary dining room of the house with fabulous decor from Jader Almeida
The raised floor of the room divides the living space with the circulation, which it’s marked by Icon shelf with 5 meters long, directing access. We worked with cozy lighting, with indirect lights through pendants light, wall lamps, floor, and table lamps. All those pieces also too designed by Jader.

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Smart and comfy reading nook of the home with stylish table lamp next to itBlack and white interior feels both timeless and sophisticatedCloser look at the stunning dining table inside the homeDark and dashing backdrop of the dining room crafted using Tresuno’s concrete
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