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This is a smart tool to organize your bathroom and keep things neat! This toothbrush holder include 2 automatic toothpaste dispenser, four mouthwash cups and 5 toothbrush slots. 2 toothpaste dispensers can effectively distinguish between adult toothpaste and childrens toothpaste, or distinguish between morning toothpaste and night toothpaste. 4 cup is divided into two large cups and two small cups. The small cup is under the toothbrush holder and is ideal for children. Click here for theWekity Toothbrush Holder Multifunctional Wall-Mounted Space-Saving Toothbrush and Toothpaste Squeezer Kit with Dustproof Cover, 5 Toothbrush Slots, 2 Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser and 4 Cups only $19.99.

  • Made of high-quality food-grade environmental polymer material which is non-poison, odorless, harmless and good performances at high temperature. Safe and hygienic, incorporate your personal toiletries for a healthy
  • Multi-functional combination: a set of products containing 2 automatic toothpaste dispenser for children and adult, 4 dustproof environment friendly cup for 4 member of family, dust toothbrush holder, multi-functional incorporating shelves, a set of products to solve the problem of incorporating toiletries of a family
  • Anti-dust: keep your toothpaste and brush dry and clean. (Product size: 260*85*170MM / 10.24*3.35*6.69in)
  • Vacuum extrusion pump: provide a large amount of power, environmental protection, durable, No waste of toothpaste
  • Easy to install: strong adhesive, Wall-mounted, easy to install, fixed well, will not fall off and break the wall

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