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Hi Friends,This week onCatching Up With The Kelnhofersall things candy, SNOW in Milwaukee, 500+ unread emails and so many delicious things, plus a super serious question!!

Catching up with the kelnhofers, milwaukee family life

Snickersthe big debate do you think its overrated or underrated? There were a bunch of Snickers left over in my sons Halloween bucket and I grabbed one and said to my husband these are so underrated, theyre amazing and he laughed and said no way, Snickers are so overrated. Important question: where do you fall in the debate?

All this Snickers talk reminds meI need to make these peanut butter snickers brownies again one of these days.


New on the Blog:

Soup recipes

What to Make:

Its soup season! Time to get warm and cozy inside and enjoy a delicious bowl of something yummy!

Keep an eye on my Instagram stories this weekend for even more soup recipes!

Brown sugar pie

Reader Comments:

A sweet comment on a sweet treat one of my favorite Thanksgiving desserts: 5 ingredient brown sugar pie

  • This pie was amazing!!! I ate a piece warm, but it was really great served cold!


General stories/things Im loving:

  • We repainted several rooms in our house, one of which was the upstairs bathroom-the kids bathroom if you will. It was a hideous bright orange, oof is all I have to say. We got it painted a neutral gray (agreeable gray) and omg did it transform the room! I ordered this cool rubber duck patent print and I cannot wait to see it all together. I will, of course, share a picture when its done. Ben loves rubber duckies so Im really excited I found this one.
  • My office looks big and awkward now, so Im going to use Havenly to help design it theyre the online interior design service I used for the 3 kids shared room.
  • Id never had Captain Crunch before and, the other day, my husband brought home peanut butter Captain Crunch. It was so good. It reminded me of when I had honeycomb cereal and loved it so much I made it into these crazy delicious honey salted blondies.
  • I watched the Avicii True Stories documentary on Netflix; what a sad and interesting story!
  • Jack Ryan Season 2 is off to kind of a slow startdoes anyone else think this? The episodes seem long and then, boom, in the last 5 minutes a bunch of stuff happens. Its not as intense as Season 1 where I just HAD to watch the next episode and stayed up all night doing just that
  • Im currently reading A Woman Is No Man This week I havent made it through my book because Ive been having conversations with Ben in the car and its so cute. Hes starting to talk a little bit and our conversations are some of my favorite moments of the day. He tells me if he colored or painted at school and I ask him what colors he painted with, things like that. I learned he painted (not drew) a fox, and the fox had ears and a nose and eyes and a tail, and he painted it orange. I mean how cute is that?!
  • Theres so much snow here Ben is in shock like the rest of us


  • Ben had FroYo for the first time

First time eating FroYo

  • This Friday is a Serbian celebration called Slava (The Slava is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of the ritual glorification of ones familys patron saint). The family celebrates the Slava annually on the saints feast day. I made Vanilice cookies with Ben

2 year old learning to cook, kids in the kitchen

I have a 5 page to-do list and 500 emailsits a busy season. Im so excited for the Holidays this year so Im just plugging away. Do you have any productivity hacks? Just leave a comment below and let me know.

Until next time,


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