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Well, friends, I had my Christmas dinner menu planned for weeks. My shopping list has been written, my appetite was prepared

and then

Then my mother-in-law changed her menu and it mimicked mine, so I have to change my menu. Ugh. As of right now, Im not exactly sure what well be eating for our main dish, but I will share what I had planned.

Our family tradition is to make homemade whole wheat cinnamon rolls and share them with our neighbors (who treat us like were family). We plan to continue that tradition this year (and maybe Ill actually get around to taking pictures of it and posting the recipe). This became a tradition because we love cinnamon rolls but only eat them on special occasionsBIRTHDAYS!! And we would be amiss if we didnt make JESUS cinnamon rolls for HIS birthday. But the batch makes too many for us to eat, so we share with others! Of course, we will enjoy some homemade yogurt with sliced fruit and cinnamon to help provide a balanced breakfast before reading the Christmas story from the Bible and opening our gifts.

final product

Homemade yogurt

For lunch, we will enjoy previously made leftovers or simple sandwiches with veggies and fruit, making sure we save room for dinner.

We normally dont eat dinner until around 5:30pm, so we will be sure to snack on healthy things, like my delicious superfoods shake while we play with our newfound treasures. I may splurge and make some dinner rolls to go along with our meal and to snack on during lunch and throughout the day. We love adding homemade apple butter or jelly on top of them. YUM!!

dinner rolls

Homemade whole wheat dinner rolls


The majority of my original menu will stay the same, although my protein will change to something else. My boys had chosen our menu so I wanted to honor their choices.

Our main course was supposed to be Crock-pot Ham, but since my MIL is serving ham just a few days prior to our meal, we will be changing. However, I love this recipe because its simple, easy, and carefree. You just dump everything in the crockpot and let it cook all day while you enjoy time with your family. And the leftovers are great for sandwiches the next day.


Easy Crockpot Ham

Our side dish is going to be mashed cauliflower because you HAVE to have some form of mashed potatoes at every holiday meal, right? By using cauliflower, we are ramping up our veggie intake while saving some carbs for dessert!

mashed cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower

Dessert?!?! You can eat dessert and be healthy?!?!


The boys have requested Clean Pumpkin Cobbler for dessert. We will even splurge and add some vanilla ice cream on top. While the original recipe uses white sugar, I have found that substituting coconut sugar works out really well and actually enhances the flavor! The leftover cobbler is also great the next day when you simply pop it in the microwave for a few seconds before topping it with ice cream.

13 plated 2

Clean Pumpkin Cobbler

So, there you have it, folks! Our simple, delicious, HEALTHY Christmas dinner menu. We will be sure to watch our portion sizes, especially when it comes to carbs and added sugars, but you can be SURE we will enjoy our mealand the leftovers!

And for those who have been asking, What do you take to holiday parties and get-togethers? Well, I will be taking Salsa Chicken to Bubbas Taekwondo dinner. For the church fellowship, I will be providing the crowd-pleasing Pepperoni Bread. And theres a ton of other tasty fingerfood options in this post. Bubba also wanted to bless his friends at church with a treat, so we are making granola bars to gift to them.


Crockpot Salsa Chicken


Pepperoni Bread


Granola Bars

I pray you and your family have a blessed and healthy Christmas, remembering the reason we celebrate this glorious day: the birth of our Risen Savior!!

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christmas menu

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