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Takeout gets a healthy makeover with this easy Egg Roll in a Bowl. Its an unstoppably tasty lunch, dinner, and/or snack munched straight out of the fridge if youre feeling impatient while the rice is cooking (me!).

Healthy and delish egg roll in a bowl with ground turkey and veggies
Imagine your favorite Asian takeout joints house special egg roll, but instead of limiting yourself to one or two to save room for the main event, this delish egg roll in a bowl is the main event.

This recipe takes the star players in a classic egg roll fillingthe juicy meat (or tofu, if you prefer your egg roll in a bowl vegetarian), the zippy fresh ginger and garlic, the salty, umami-factor soy sauce, and the colorful, thin strips of fresh veggiesand turns them into a fast, healthy meal thats great for quick dinners and tastes phenomenal reheated too.

Heres how it works: You pile the scrumptious egg roll filling over rice (or cauliflower rice if you prefer your egg roll in a bowl low carb), grab your fork (or your chopsticks if you are savvy like that), and DIVE ON IN! You wont even miss the traditional wrapper. (more)

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