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Whether you are hosting your first family Thanksgiving, a Friendsgiving or are bringing a side dish to the feast these recipes are fool proof. I have been making and hosting the full Thanksgiving dinner for the past 6 years. I needed a Xanax the first time I did it. Turkey is intimidating and there is a ton of room for error and a lot of pressure to get it right. I have tried all the recipes below and I promise if you use them you will have a simply perfect Thanksgiving.


The Pioneer Womens turkey methods are idiot proof. If you brine the bird and roast according to her directions, you are guaranteed a perfect Turkey.

The turkey brine recipe does take time but it is what will guarantee tender, juicy and flavorful turkey. DO NOT but a frozen bird. Only buy fresh!!!!

Once the turkey is brined you are ready to roast! The Pioneer Womens roasted turkey recipe is a winner. Just make sure you line your roasting pan with a shit ton of foil or you will be scrubbing it until Christmas. You will also need a meat thermometer and kitchen twine to tie the turkeys lets together.

My favorite thing to do with left over turkey is to make turkey enchiladas! We will roast peppers to throw in with the turkey but the canned roasted peppers work just fine too. It is a fun way to eat leftovers.


Side dishes are the best part. I do not tolerate a ton of dairy well and this is the best recipe for dairy free mashed potatoes . Even if you are a fan of dairy, lightening up the mashed potatoes is easy and your stomach will thank you. I always , always boil the potatoes in chicken broth and reserve the liquid to blend in with the potatoes instead of using milk or cream. If roasting garlic is too much work, just use garlic powder, no one will know the difference.

Roasted Brussels sprouts have become a side dish staple. I love tossing them in a balsamic reduction and throwing in some dried cranberries because why not?!

Sauteed Green Beans are another favorite Thanksgiving side dish in our house. They are light and super easy to put together.

Sweet Potato Casserole can be controversial. I hate when it has marshmallows. It is just too much. When I have made this recipe, I just roast the sweet potatoes whole and then scrape the filling out of the potato into a bowl to make the filling for the casserole. Roasting the sweet potatoes adds a depth of flavor that really brings the dish together. I also cut the amount of sugar the recipe calls for in half and nobody even notices.

My simple fall salad recipe is the perfect salad to round out your side dishes. I always bring this to my work Thanksgiving potluck.


I never make home made dessert any more. It takes way to much time and effort and honestly the pies and treats you can get a the bakery taste just as good in my opinion. Pick and choose your battles. It is a holiday and supposed to be fun!

If you live near a SusieCakes , their pumpkin pie is to die for and will fool even the most die hard home baker into thinking you slaved for hours in the kitchen rolling out pie dough.

Sun Flour Bakery makes pies that are vegan, gluten free, sugar free and will cover basically any special dietary need. You can go to their bakery or Mothers Market sells them as well.

If all else fails, who does not love Costco pie?! Did you know their apple pie is vegan? True story.

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