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Something fresh, something tart and something hot. Pico de gallo is mexican fresh salsa that contains all these elements together. Try this salsa with tortillas or add in salad. Pico de gallo fits also with chicken or tortilla chips.

Recipe for one small bowl:

6-8 tomatoes

One red onion

One chili

1 lime’s juice

1 tablespoon of olive oil

One pot of fresh coriander

A pinch of salt

  1. Cut tomatoes to half and remove seeds. Mince tomatoes and red onion as small as possible.
  2. Cut also chili to half and remove seeds. Mince the chili.
  3. Mix chili, tomatoes and red onions together. Add olive oil, lime’s juice and salt. Mix well.
  4. Pluck coriander leaves from the pot and cut smaller. Mix with other ingredients.

Price category: under 6 euros / whole bowl



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