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I arrived home this week from an exhilarating trip from the Country Living Fair in Atlanta to find that our Splash and Blue Copper Marans that hatched late this past spring started laying! 

My husband didn't mention anything to me about finding a few gorgeous, deep, dark, chocolate brown eggs in the nests, so it was a complete surprise to come home to find a few in the bowl on the kitchen counter!

Just when you think that chicken keeping is getting run of the mill, a new layer starts producing ... and everything is exciting again! 

In other news, fall is turning to winter here in Maine. We're past fall foliage season, the water buckets have a thin layer of ice on the top each morning, and I've got the urge to bake! 

Most of my chickens are in various stages of molting, but I have to say that this season seems to be far less rough than previous years.

It's the first year I've used Blue Seal Better Feather feed ... and the first year offering dried grubs instead of mealworms as a snack ... hmm, coincidence? I think not! 

Anyway, enjoy this peek at our week. 

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