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Once you try this fresh Cranberry Sauce recipe you'll never want to buy it canned again! This is so much better and incredibly easy to make! It's perfectly sweetened, lightly tart, and has a deliciously bright cranberry and orange flavor.

It's truly the perfect accompaniment to roast turkey or roast chicken.

Cranberry Sauce in a serving bowl set over a wooden platter. Sauce garnished with fresh mint.

The Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe!

Is there anything like a delicious, made from scratch Thanksgiving or Christmas meal? Chances are most of us have settled for the stuff that comes out of a can or a box, and that's just it, it's settling.

If you've been one of those people that has been settling, I would highly recommend this year you give the homemade alternative to the pre-packaged and processed Thanksgiving foods a try. The two are a night and day difference.

Canned cranberry sauce and homemade cranberry sauce just don't even compare.

One comes in the shape of a can while it's homemade opponent has a spoonable texture and tastes like fresh fruit. And the homemade sauce isn't jelly like, it's perfectly sauce-like, the way it's meant to be.

I look forward to this every year! Try it and you'll never look back, trust me! View the Recipe

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