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This Indian Butter Cauliflower is even better thantakeout! The cauliflower is marinated in spices andcoconut milk, then pan charred before being added to theIndian buttersauce. Its a healthier versionof the classic, bursting with flavour and is rich and creamy!

indian butter cauliflower in a plate with white rice and limes

Indian Butter Cauliflower. This was one of those duh! recipes that ended up being even better tasting than I couldve possibly thought. If you know, then you knowwwww I love cauliflower. Like its a top tier vegetable for me. Its a versatility beast. Its also texture transforming, flavour absorbing, all around wonder veggie. I *still* shudder at raw cauliflower on crudits platters but that I absolutely adore when its cooked. Thats probably why I have so many cauliflower wings, and Ive used it in a variety of recipes including hummus, veggie meatballssoupand so much more.

cauliflower marinated in a bowl

How to Make Indian Butter Cauliflower

Sorry, I fell down a bit of a cauliflower rabbit hole. BACK to this dish. Its my favourite healthier Indian butter sauce, except this time with a few ingredient swaps and featuring this beautiful charred cauliflower. First, the cauliflower is marinated in some coconut milk and some seasonings. I wanted to treat it like I treated the tofu in my Tofu Butter Chicken. This time, with a little coconut milk to help the seasonings soak into the cauliflower. Trust me, this makes such a phenomenal difference. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes, but if you have an hour, definitely do that.

Then, just pan char the cauliflower on all its sides in a hot pan. You could also roast it into the oven for 15 minutes, but I wanted to prevent you having to turn that on too. This helps to infuse the flavour and adds a new flavour and texture element to the cauliflower so its a bit crispy, too.

cauliflower in an indian butter sauce in a pan with limes and chopped parsley

Add it to the buttery tomato sauce and let it simmer for about 15 minutes so the flavours are infused. Again, if you have more time, let it simmer for even more. We tasted this the next day andman the flavours were even more developed!

Okay, no more talking. Eat up and enjoy friends!

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