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This is the second addition of the eat less animal products meal plans and Ill be going into my third week of eating vegan until dinner so far so good!

I definitely found life easier this week after planning, shopping and prepping my lunches and breakfasts on the weekend. It just meant that it didnt feel like eating well was an effort and I consistently made good choices. I also didnt notice the restrictions during the day. Win!

This week Im thinking of the following:


2 ideas Ill be switching between, youll notice the2nd idea is an excuse to eat some of the delicious sourdough my boyfriend has been making.

Banana Buzz Smoothie A short of coffee in a smoothie is a dream! Ill probably be using macadamia milk in this guy as Im trying to find a better choice in vegan milk and am yet to find an Australian Oat milk!

2. Reinvent your morning toast: With all that delicious sourdough around Ill be mixing up my toast toppings and subbing the cashew crema from the mushroom taco recipe below whenever it says feta in these recipes!


Ill be swapping between these two lunches, or something similar, at work this week. I like to make sure I have complex carbs and a protein source in my lunch to keep me full.

Rice Noodle Bowls with Peanut Sauce and Sesame Tofu Strips. Full of vegetables and plant based protein and just as good cold!

Fragrant Dahl with Chickpeas, Zucchini and Spinach. This dahl uses in season vegetables and is super satisfying.


The bit where I get to eat some animal products, if I feel like it. I usually do one of the above recipes for dinner so theres less batch cooking and more just make dinner, eat leftovers for lunch. And then do another vegetarian or vegan dinner and 3 with meat or seafood. So heres 4 ideas to reflect that balance:

Mushroom Carnitas Tacos with Cashew Lime Crema and Fried Jalapenos. These are my new favourite thing. So much texture and flavour and with the now not so secret mix of spices on the mushrooms you wont miss the meat at all! Use any leftover crema on toast or with a curry.

2. Spicy Cassarecce with Vodka, Basil and Parmesan. I had a whole week without pasta and thats probably not going to happen again! This with a big bowl of greens is a dream.

3. Israeli Cous Cous Salad with Fennel, Avocado and Salmon. Do you have a #lifewife? That friend that youre as good as married to? I do and this is her most made recipe of mine:)

4. Crispy Chicken and Pickled Radish Lettuce Cups. I love a little lettuce cup or 3 full of yummy things as a light dinner on a hot day. Im a simple human ha


Im experimenting with some vegan cookies right now but for the meantime Ill be throwing together some cookie dough bliss balls and snacking on those, popcorn (cooked in olive oil) and berries.

HH. x

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