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This post is maybe out of the normal post for this blog however it is food related. I also wanted to share this with whoever did not know.

Popeyes recently relaunched the infamous chicken sandwich. There has been two incidents already circulating the sandwiches.

The first is a unidentified man was stabbed to death for cutting in line to get ahold of the sandwich. The man who did the stabbing has not yet been identified either so no arrests have been made.


Next a woman has used her car to seemingly cut in line at a Popeyes drive through. The driver has not only damage her car but others as well.

I understand that the sandwich is something people want to get their hands on however we should not have to harm or kill to do it. Many are blaming Popeyes but I do not think it is Popeyes fault. This is a case of people being rude and impatient to purchase a $4 sandwich which in my personal opinion is average tasting. I am in no way putting down Popeyes because it is amazing that all sales of the sandwich have been from word of mouth. Just be careful out there and be patient you will get your sandwich eventually.

Read my full review on the chicken sandwich here



This is not an article to bash Popeyes

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