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Popeyes has been flooded with hangry customers since the release of the chicken sandwich. With rave reviews it had people going out , standing in 45 minuet lines, and willing to fight over it. So I started thinking what is so amazing about this sandwich? I decided to go out and get one.

Popeyes menu description of the chicken sandwich is:

I was expecting heaven on a brioche bun however I was not wowed or overly impressed. My thought was take the chicken breast from the chicken box meal put some pickles on it and place it between the brioche bun. I think that most of the hype is because Popeyes doesnt really have a chicken sandwich and the $4 price is appealing. The sandwich does not come with fries and you cant make it into a combo meal. Most of Popeyes competition has a chicken sandwich meal around that price. The sandwich has that signature Popeyes taste and the spicy sandwich definitely has a nice spice to it. In my opinion it is nothing to fight over or stand in long lines for
It has been some reports of the chicken sandwich not being fully cooked and the employees pre cooking the chicken in anticipation of selling many. So with that bit of information please check your sandwich before you eat it.

This link is a video I made comparing some chicken sandwiches to the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. In my opinion some were better so to me I am not falling for the hype.


This post is not to bash Popeyes it is just a review


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